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  1. Somewhere on the back roads of Indiana. :cool:
  2. Hello and welcome from Indiana!
  3. I'm trying to find the release knob that you pull in order to release the back fold down seat. I'll post a pic a found of one. I'm also looking for the seat belt holders for the rear seats that keep the belts from going all the way back into the side molding. I will post a pick of those as well. I'm looking for them in black. My car is a 73 mach 1 SportsRoof but I'm guessing the knob and seat belt holders will fit 71 and 72 as well. Thanks!
  4. I'm going to need some help holding on to the spoiler while I rotate the car. What size wrench would that be? I don't think they make 1/2-a-car sizes.
  5. Thanks Greg, I wondered if there was another thread out there that talked about the spoiler position. My search just didn't bring any up. Thanks for the link. Chad
  6. This is some great info. Thanks guys. Wolfgang great link. Lots of good stuff. Looks like my spoiler was put on incorrectly by the previous owner. Hopefully it will be easy enough to unbolt and swing it around.
  7. After reading some threads and looking at a lot of mach 1 pics I'm still 50/50 on which way the spoiler should be mounted on the deck lid. In my opinion it looks good either way but I'm wondering which way it came from the factory. I've had my car for about 2 months now.
  8. I bought my 73 mach 1 Q code with a T-5 manual about two months ago figuring out after the test drive the stick was really sloppy but shifted well in and out of the gears. What is your advise on fixing it or living with how sloppy it is even in gear? Thanks
  9. I'm looking at getting an oem air cleaner for my 73 mach 1 Q code because it came with a dress-up kit chrome air cleaner. Will the same air cleaner fit both the 2v and 4v carb?
  10. :thankyouyellow: Everybody for the all the welcome posts. Can't wait to check out everyone's great mustangs and learn some new things as well.
  11. Thanks Nigel! I hope so too. Thanks Mike!
  12. Hey Everyone. I am the proud owner of a 73 mach 1 and glad to be a member of this community. I drove 7hrs to take a test drive and I was hooked. I look forward to learning more from reading the forums. Take care
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