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  1. Im looking for the lights that are below the grille i think they are the front turn signal lights? im looking for some that someone might have extra of. If you dont need em or want them i would greatly appreciate them.
  2. Im looking for a hood and hinges. currently i have a double sided fiberglass hood that is held in by 4 hood pins. If i anyone is willing to trade my hood for your hood and hinges and are close ish to me id be glad to. im also looking for a set of rims too i have cragar rims i think im not really sure but they are 14in and would like to upsize to bigger rims. And lastly i do have a question i have a grille in it now the regular grille without the sports lamps. do i need to remove the fender extenders to get it out? all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Im having allot of trouble with my mustang. the voltage regulator just melted and spilled juice everywhere under my hood. My starter solenoid isnt hooked up correctly due to my starter constantly engaging when it is hooked up correctly which i also dont understand. Would a faulty starter switch cause it to constantly engage? Could it be my neutral safety switch? Im completely confused i have a switch hooked up to where its like kill switch almost but it allows me to start it and drive it also but it wont let me turn it off with key. i have to kill it with that switch. if anyone lives around pensacola fl or panama city please message me im confused with this and could use the help
  4. Does anyone have a 70's mopar wing or ford mustang wing. Its one of the last things i need to complete my 72 mach 1. along with a steel hood with hinges. I dont have allot of money to spend on it. im located in pensacola florida. Im just trying to find someone who might want to help another mustang get completed with extra parts that they might have.
  5. How much do you want for a center console,hood hinges plus springs used, beauty rings for 14", or even slotted wheels
  6. Im looking for quite a bit so im going to just list it in the bottom Spoiler front and back lower parking lamps center console beauty rings or set of rims grille trim for standard grille(didnt like the sport lamp one) rear bumper+brackets tail light panel(honeycomb) glove box insert Hood hinges plus springs just text me if you have anything. 850-816-9803
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