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    I have a Grabber Lime Boss 351. The added bonus is it has a Gear Vendor overdrive for added drive-ability.


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  1. Nice! I have been wanting to replace my taillights but didn't want to paint them because I thought it would be very difficult. I wasn't wrong, that was a good tape job, I am not sure I could duplicate that. What paint did you use?
  2. I think I read that B1 prices are declining so this may not be a bad time to find a decent one and haggle. I like having a rare and unusual car and drive mine often.
  3. So Grabber Lime is back for the first time since 1971. That will be hard to pass up. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/15/2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-colors-grabber-lime-78gg4d9/#slide-7541993
  4. I had my car on the lift this weekend for an oil change. Took a lot of time to peruse the underside of the car and took a bunch of pic. I was feeling pretty good about how it looked until I saw these two. Blue one if total BS but sure is clean. Besides not being spotless the one big difference with mine is the GearVendor overdrive, I know it is incorrect but it sure makes the car more dirveable. [/url
  5. Mine is grabber lime I like the hub caps, it is a different look. I am also partial to the color.
  6. SVO2SCJ met me today to pick up the wheels. He drove a long distance to get these, it was a good transaction. It is great they will end up on another Boss.
  7. I once looked into shipping wheels and tires and it was a PITA and very costly. It is too bad we aren't closer.
  8. I have a set of Magnum 500's that were on my car when I purchased it. The car also came with steel wheels and the sports wheel covers my car was ordered with. I have decided to go with the wheel covers full time and don't expect to use these wheels. The wheels are in good shape, the tires are 245/60 R15 and have a date code of 1407. $400, pick up only. Chicago NW suburbs.
  9. Nice truck! I like the hood. I am partial to both versions of the Lightning. It is hard to find the early ones in such good shape.

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