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  1. Yeah, but I hear you guys have lots of spiders! I am not fond of spiders.
  2. I would seriously consider the Bronco, especially if they put the 3.5 Turbo in it.
  3. I like it. All it needs is a manual trans and moving the steering wheel to the other side.
  4. I will take some pics this weekend and let you know.
  5. The po on my car actually got a spare from a mid 80's lincoln that supposedly fits. He said he learned it from some guy that worked for Ford. If interested I can get the size off of it this weekend.
  6. At least from all of the cars they could have modified they chose a 72 Mustang. It may not be perfect but it would be fun to have if you won it. I am not sure it is worth $39k, though I bet they spent a lot on the mods.
  7. I have a set of Magnum 500's that I have convinced myself to sell since I plan to leave hubcaps on my car. They aren't something I would want to ship though.
  8. Even though it hasn't snowed in a while there is too much salt residue to take mine out. I put it in hibernation last weekend.
  9. The PO got a set of Sport Wheel covers when he found out that is how the car was ordered. So I have those on the car and a set of Magnum 500's with radials that I haven't put on the car in 2 years. I think I should sell the 500's. I was careful to remove the wheel covers when I needed some brake work because most folks are fooled into thinking they are real wheels and I didn't want one trashed.
  10. Nice. Was this an American car meet?
  11. Yeah, $325 seems really expensive to look authentic. Unless you are showing your car it really doesn't make sense to pay that much to have the look of bias ply and ride/handling of a radial.
  12. I would swear that I recently read that some tire company (Cooper?) was going to make Firestone or Goodyear Bias Ply look alike that were actually a radial. Did I dream this? As for originality, I have bias ply on the car with hub caps and radials on the Magnum 500's that I never use. I was thinking of just selling the Magnums and replacing the Bias Ply since they are getting old, ideally with a look alike radial.
  13. The listing says sold. I wonder what it went for.
  14. Yes, I read this back when it was published and more recently. Doesn't matter what they said, always wanted one and finally got one. And love it!
  15. Autolite carb I think they are charging $5,000 for the box
  16. It is missing the air bottle for the spare. Generally it is too nice to drive. I have an original 71' Mustang brochure. It touts the Steel Guard Rail - standard on all 1971 Mustangs. Steel box section door beams help adsorb side impact forces. It also says 'Boss 351... Ja, das ist eine Blitz-Machine' Too bad Blitz-Machine is too long for a license plate!
  17. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago, a great match for my Boss.
  18. +1 on the Valvoline. I also use Sunoco 100 octane (ouch, $8/gal)
  19. Most folks never notice the fact that the Boss has wheel covers. When I point it out they always said they thought they were real wheels.
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