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  1. I have these on my Boss, it was the way it was ordered so the previous owner found a NOS set. I also have a set of the Magnum 500 with radials but haven't put those on yet. The previous owner did tell me to always remove the wheel covers if I took it to a shop for work so that they didn't ruin one.
  2. Grabber lime boss 351. You own my dream car. Mine too, love this car.
  3. That does look good. I going to have to go a panel or two at a time, and then drive it. I should have done this over the winter but got sidetracked.
  4. I decided to tackle the paint after washing the car last weekend. I have always been concerned about how rough the surface felt so i clay barred the left from fender, which was the worst of the panels. Then I buffed it by hand to make sure I wasn't going to be taking any paint off and then switch to the random orbital buffer. Wow, what a difference. I have my work cut out for me with the entire car, especially with all of the hand buffing I will need to do around the decals. I only did from the crease to the hood. These aren't great pictures but you can see a difference. Plus, is it sooo smooth now. [/img] [/img]
  5. is there an easy way to adjust the seat or the rails for more legroom?
  6. I just bought one of these last weekend for my 71. I am hoping to not have to worry about the battery for a long time.
  7. I thought the Boss engine took 6 quarts
  8. I changed my oil today and when I refilled the oil I checked the dipstick (d1zx-6750-ba) and it read full after 5 quarts. I haven't started it yet but the filter isn't going to hold a quart. I thought this took 6 quarts.
  9. Welcome from Chicago. Nice car! I am surprised by how many of these Mustangs ended up in Europe. Enjoy John
  10. This is a great find, I can never get my shoulder harness to stay put. I just bought a set for $8 with shipping. The thing that really freaks me out about older cans is the safety issue. I at least want to a have headrest and should harness. I have 64 TBird that has neither.
  11. Welcome. How many times do you pass another Mustang when you drive around Heidelberg?
  12. No matter how cheap it gets I'll bet I still have to pay $8/gal for the Sunoco 100 octane I use when I get the Boss back on the road.
  13. Looks great. It has a Mecum plate on it , did you get it at auction?
  14. Happy birthday to your Boss. Very cool you found the picture.
  15. Yeah, the salt needs to be completely gone. Otherwise it is a great excuse, I have been jonesing to drive my Mustang.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I agree it is expensive but other than keeping my wobbly console what is the alternative?
  17. My full length black console is loose and I finally dug around to figure out why. It seems that most of the screw tabs are busted. I think I may as well replace it. How are the repro consoles, such as ACP, do they match the original well?
  18. They have a yellow one that they are asking an extra $25k for. The white one must be missing more than just the rev limiter.
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