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  1. Welcome from Illinois. Nice car.
  2. Hi from Illinois. Yes, Cleveland the engine is awesome.
  3. Welcome from Chicagoland.
  4. I have seen a few Panteras with Boss motor. A Pantera is on my bucket list. Your build sounds cool, cant' wait to see it.
  5. Your car looks great! I am not sure when I might do a MCA show and there are things I don't have installed such as the intake and carb (I have them) that would detract from my car in a show like that. However, I am not sure how old my Ployglass Gt tires are so I may need to replace soon anyhow.
  6. It was interesting for me when I showed the car a few times this year that most folks don't know what a Boss 351 is and in general it seems like the 71 - 73s don't get a lot of love. Folks really don't care that the car has the correct wheel covers or that most of the equipment under the hood is correct. At one show a dude parked some weird French moped from the 70's next to my car and it got way more attention than my car. It is a different story with guys who really know and love Mustangs though.
  7. Wow, those are nice. Mine are in good shape but they don't look like that. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.
  8. will e, the guy I bought it from always used the clutch when he engaged the GV. However, on the site it looks like that is not necessary. How do you use yours?
  9. Here is one from the local car show. It has the poly-glass tires and wheel covers but i am thinking of swapping out for Magnum 500 and radials which I also have.
  10. Hi. I am a proud owner of a Grabber Lime Boss. This is a Mustang I have wanted all of my life and it feels good to finally have one. The cool thing about this car is the previous owner installed a Gear Vendor overdrive, so with the push of a button it drops revs and makes for a more relaxed drive.
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