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  1. I have thought about it for awhile and it needs someone who will use it. And the other projects are both vintage mustangs its in my blood lol.
  2. After a lot of soul searching and mulling it over I have decided to sell my 71 coupe. This car is not for the faint of heart. I built it to race then changed it to more of a B/A street machine. It has a 69 429 thunder jet engine with a weiand tunnel ram with dual 600 holleys. It has a isky cam with 270/280 duration and a .519 lift. Unilite centrifugal advance distributer with Mallory Promaster coil with Mallory 6AL controller. It has a heavy duty C6 auto and 3.54 trac-loc rear end. The car has around 500 HP and is bad to the bone. It was built to race but has never been down a track. I swapped the 3.91 gears out to 3.54 for better street manners. The body is rust free but not perfect. The car has been sitting for a while but started and warmed up on a regular basis. It will drive anywhere but might need a little carb work before going down a track as it hesitates a little when you get on it till it warms up good. I have a pile of money in it but willing to let it go for 11500.00 firm! I have other projects and need to move something to free up some cash. I have a lot of pictures but cant seem to get them to post. PM me with email address for pictures. Car is located in Keystone, South Dakota.
  3. I'll throw in my 2 cents here. As some one who has owned several over the years. There is just something about the bore and stroke of a 429 that makes them work very well. 429 engines prior to 72 are the ones to have. The thunder jet engines from the T-birds were very good. 11.5 to one close chamber heads and tuned right they survive on todays pump gas pretty well. I have owned a C code 71 Mach 429 CJR and it did not like todays pump gas as well. The 71 mustang I have now is a 69 thunder jet with dual 4 bbls and runs very well. I have had this same combo in a couple trucks and loved it. A friend built to the hilt a 460 and I could have my way with him at any time I wanted. I don't have any experience with the stoker engines except a 347 cobra engine. But IMHO the 429 is the best big block ford ever made. And bullet proof as well. The one in my 71 coupe will brake them loose at 45 MPH and I am running 354 gears. Tons of torque. Thanks Don Here's one... kidding... it is real but spoken for :cool: 429 CJR rare engine. only used in satags and Torinos
  4. If you replace it with the same type of product you might want to stay away from the stuff made by custom auto carpet. I just bought from them and it was rolled up in a box. When I unrolled it ,it was so bridle it broke apart. They wouldn't even answer my email when I contacted their customer service. I should have went with boom mat or something like that. But wanted to stay original like the manufacture used.
  5. I have 2 4 post lifts in my shop. Love them as you don't have to mount them to the floor. And they come with wheel jacks so you can move them. One person can move them very easy. Bought one used and paid 1500 and one new for 2200. My shop has 12 foot ceiling so easy to use. Great for working on cars great for storing one up one down. Thanks
  6. I have a set of trim panels that is everything but one door pull handle. Would let go for far less than their asking for that. If you decide to get re-pop panels and need the stuff. Been looking to get it out of the shop.
  7. Well to be openly honest I am NOT making fun of their build. You know when you live in a glass house ..... I just thought the price was a bit out there.
  8. Yea I had them on mine at one time. I really built it to race but its never been down a track. But they looked BOSS on the car. Then I put the AC stuff back on it and a deluxe interior and plates and still it sits. But like my wife says...it looks good doing it. No NOS on mine the 11.5 compression wouldn't like it much. Besides you cant keep it hooked up now.
  9. Your being kind lol. I think at 15 large that might be reaching a bit. I offered mine to someone last year for 11 and It is finished. What do you mean finished? That car is like new. Didn't you read the description. Oh my mistake lol. Just needs a massive brush guard with off road lights! I had mine sold last year @ 11K and the guy scared himself with it so it is back in my shop. And it is a long way from perfect IMHO.
  10. Your being kind lol. I think at 15 large that might be reaching a bit. I offered mine to someone last year for 11 and It is finished.
  11. We just had that in our Bible study lol. But how could he not like a Boss or Shelby lol. What color for the 429 SCJ? Mine was Red with black interior. Is it 4 speed or auto?
  12. It wont be slow after its done. I had one a few years ago. Good for you. I know GOD likes a muscle cars. He has too he's GOD!
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