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  1. I just did this to mine. The only difference is the handles them selves as stated. But the delux handles will not bolt on to the inside latch. I made an extension for mine to lower the handle to the opening and fastened it to the hole that the standard handle used. Looks and works right. Otherwise you have to tear the latch out to install a delux latch. As far as the delux parts for the panels (wood grain , trim and etc. ) I have an extra set of them just missing one door pull.

  2. I used the eastwood chassis black (satin) in gallon can. I have used it on several cars with very good results. looks as close to factory under hood paint as I have seen. My favorite used to be the DAR 9000 from PPG. But I no longer can afford PPG paints. They were great then cost became so great on their products I switched to the OMNI line. It was OK too but then they came out with shopline. They said at the paint shop it was the same. Well I have had nothing but issues with it. I wont ever use it again! I have painted cars as an armature for 30 years. I have never had the issues I had with the shop line paint. But the paints have changed so much because of laws that were passed we are for the most part just shooting plastics now. I love the look of the new water born paints but it isn't really possible to use it with out special booths.

  3. The thing to remember about all these shows is that it is entertainment. And simply that. I love it when they set a rebuilt engine in and it starts right up and purrs the first time. I guess some carburetors come with gas already in them lol. I seen a very expensive mopar that was done on grave yard cars. The guy was very disappointed. He made the comment that he had seen tighter gaps on a 70 year old hooker. They do have some good information on some of the shows but even that isn't quite true at times. But like most people I watch the car shows because I love seeing the cars. Bitchin rides is my favorite because they do so many different cars. My 2 cents only of coarse lol.

  4. Well out of the choices I like AMD better than dynacorn or goodmark. And they will work fine. Just a little more work getting them to line up and the gaps to be even. I got some front fenders and hood for a Camaro and never was happy with the fit no matter what I tried. I bought a pair for a 68 charger and the marker light holes were stamped in the wrong place. I think it is just hit and miss. But take your time and tweak here and there and you will be fine. I haven't gotten any for a 71-73 mustang they might be perfect you just never know. Good luck and if you get them it is good to let people know of any issues.



  5. Wow. I never ventured off the build thread till now. Those are my favourite rims! Always was inspired by transam racing and those do it for me. Great find. I spent a year (2 yrs ago) looking for a wheel and tire set up and it was tuff. Thanks for sharing. By the way I like this thread.


    Thanks, awesome to hear!

    This makes them fun too but no single tire on fire here!



    DANG! That looks serious. I would really like to hear that thing run...any videos???

    I will have to see if I can get one. I have never done one but the wife has a camera that will. It is just stupid fast. I have changed the rear end ratio 3 times now. I started with a 410 couldn't keep it on the road. Step on it at almost any speed you wind up in the ditch. So went to a 391 and the same result. I went all the way to a 350 now and it will still break them loose at 40 mph. But manageable lol.




  6. Sure reminds me of my first Mustang (minus the bird catcher on the hood).


    Nice stance and contrast between the black and the chrome. I like those 5 spoke wheels but I do think some raised white letter tires would break up the dark expances of the wheel well areas. Just my opinion.

    Yea the scoop isn't just a statement. I had to put it on because of the weiand tunnel ram. It only clears the carbs by about 1 1/2 inches. And I didn't want them sticking out into the elements. White letters might be cool. I kind of want that pro-street look. Wider in the rear and lower profile. You just cant get that look with 15 inch rims.




    Wow that is one beautiful Racing Ride ?[THUMBS UP SIGN] Regards Lars DK73


    Sendt fra min D2005 med Tapatalk

    Thank you I have never taken it down a track. 500+ HP and want to make a pro-street out of it now. Wife says it is too nice of car to race. lol



  7. I have been working to make my car a BA street cruiser instead of a quarter mile car it was going to be. We decided it was too cool to be a race car. So installed delux door panels a nicer steering wheel and a shifter that is more user friendly. Also trying a newer look on the front with modern head lights and a front spoiler.





  8. I agree with going with the 429. The 460 and 429 mount the same but the 429 is shorter stroke and build more HP. As far as suspension I owned a 71 429 CJ and the springs were way bigger but are available. The 71-73 will handle the torque of the big block. Like was said above they were made for it. Also I agree to stay with an auto. The manuals in my opinion aren't as good with the torque of the big block. (again MY opinion ) I have owned both.

    Welcome and good luck.

  9. It might be worth giving Tim Baxter a call about the Fairlane. He might have a car there, can't hurt to ask.

    Will do



    Took a walk around the yard today and this is what I found. Not much salvageable other than some glass, window regulators and maybe some windshields. I found one passenger side leaf guard that I salvaged, which was about it for my needs. I did not get a chance to look in his trailers and buses, but if you have some wants, he knows where stuff is. I have some pictures to post if anyone is interested.















    WOW but things do rust back there.

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