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  1. Yes but the good side of that is most Mustang people were always about the 64-70 cars. And ours were left on the table for many years. I have seen far more 71-73 cars in salvage than 64-70's. Their loss lol. I have had 65 , 67 vert, but I like the big body stangs. And I had a 71 C code mach that was the coolest I have ever owned. Long live 71-73 Mustangs. And the BOSS 351 was the Mustang of Mustangs!!!
  2. If anyone gets up there let me know if you see any 66 fairlanes. I have a 66 2DHT and I would buy a whole parts car if I had the chance as it has a lot of rust issues and parts for a 66 are hard to come by. Thanks Don
  3. Welcome from the Mount Rushmore state! Sorry about your Camaro (lol) Just jabbin ya. It is just the opposite at my house. I built a 71 SS Chevelle for my wife (her dream car). I am a Mopar guy but the important thing is Both my wife and I have ALWAYS been Mustang people! Welcome and good luck with your car. Really were all just car folks from the era when cars were COOL! Looking forward to some pictures of you mustang.
  4. WOW good post. Wish I were closer. I bet there are some rare parts there to be had. Thanks for posting! Thanks Don
  5. I will look this morning. I have one just not sure which side it is. I will get right back to you. Thanks Don I looked and mine is for a 70 so no help here..sorry. Thanks Don
  6. WOW! Very nice and a real upgrade safety wise. I am going to do that to mine as well. And if you think the old mustangs are bad I have a 70 superbird that I have to almost use a flashlight to see the dash. Everything works but it is such a dull light it is hard to see. Great thread. Thanks for posting your pictures! Thanks Don
  7. I know its apples to oranges but I run a 429 dual quad set up in a 71 coupe. Believe me it don't bog lol. And it torques the stuffins out of the coupe but don't blow anything out. I tried it out and it runs in the mid 10's with a 391 rear. I cant get it to hook up or it might flex the body to the point of no return. I am going to make a pro-tour out of it rather than a quarter mile car as I first intended to do. And thinking about tying the front and rear frames together also.
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    It is a 79 bed. 78 were round fender 79,80 were fiberglass and shaped like this. There were not that many made. Also this bed was customized. We bobbed the corner's and changed the shape of the square stake pockets.
  9. Isn't it snowing in SD all the time? Only kidding as I'm sure SD is a great place. But a little to far for my stang to travel to. Actually it was 68 yesterday and about 50 today with rain. We have pretty mild winters in the southern black hills. But it can snow when it wants too lol.
  10. How long since you did your rebuild? I have seen residue from having the block and heads boiled do this as well. Some machine shops use a mild caustic to clean the block. Most head gasket leaks that severe would also cause the engine to come to temperature very quickly or even over heat. Don
  11. Very nice work! I love the thread as I have a 70 vert. that I have to make a decision on soon. It isn't as rusty as yours but still pretty rusty. I do have a rust free 70 coupe but don't know if it is worth it to go that way or do the vert. Biggest problem with the vert. is torque boxes and rear frame rails are pretty rusty. Opinions from someone who has done this would help. Thanks Don
  12. I would like to see a call out of members in my area. I live just out side of Keystone, South Dakota. I am close to Sturgis where they have one of the biggest Mustang rally's in the country. So I am always looking for car people to get together with for cruses and what not. People here really drive their cars. There are cruses and meets in and around the Rapid City area all the time. So if your in this area or even close by please call out. Maybe have a cruse night to a pizza or burger joint. Thanks Don I guess I should have posted this in the meet up place. My apologies!
  13. Based on this experience I guess we need to add insurance to the shipping cost, and not make it optional. Good to know. I am glad I have mostly sold items under $100, which are automatically insured. Thanks for sharing your experience. I guess it all boils down to you have to trust some what no matter if it is a business or people. It is just a shame these things happen. I don't hold a grudge against any one. Not my way. But a 1300 loss for a retired person was a hit I wont soon get over. I miss ebay as it was a good source for hard to find parts. But I cant forgive them or pay-pay for condemning me for something I did not do. I have my PO shipping receipt to this day. lol I hope things work out for you with this vendor. But one very good tool is these forums to help stop repeat offenders from making their living from scamming people. In my case this large manifold disappeared from the face of the earth. Which is another thing that haunts me.
  14. Well sorry to hear this. These sites like 7173mustangs are so good at helping others not get taken. Glad you got the word out to others. I realize it don't help you but ... I have used a lot of vendors and so far I like Mustangs unlimited the best. Dallas mustang is ok and CJ pony parts are very good. Hope it works out for you. A big help to me years ago was to contact your attorney generals office. They love this kind stuff.
  15. Ebay isn't all it is cracked up to be. I know some sellers are bad news ..BUT.....ebay really took me to the cleaners as well. Remember if you are a seller you have no rights on ebay. I was a member from the first month they started (99 I think) I usually just bought. But last year I sold a mopar cross ram dual 4 manifold (very rare). It sold on ebay for 1K. The party paid for it via pay-pal. I gave them the shipping quote along with the insurance price. The guy said he didn't want to pay for insurance (it was high because of the value) So I ship USPO. I get a tracking number and send it to him. The manifold never shows up. The tracking number only shows my PO nothing more. The guy files a claim against me two weeks later. Ebay or pay-pal (same thing) pulls the money out of my account. I protest and they say they have to do this. So I am out 1K for my manifold 40.00 for shipping 150.00 for the auction fees (ebay wont refund) and to top it off pay-pal charged me a transaction fee for putting the money into my account and again for taking it back out! This total cost was over 1300.00 and I got nothing. I was 100% feed back for 16 years! Well I guess it was my fault for not paying for insurance but REALLY? I closed my accounts for both. Just remember that once you give pay-pal your credit card and bank account numbers you cant stop them from pulling funds out. Sorry about the rant and I realize you were the one taken here. I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that ebay isn't all that great. I only deal with vendors and folks on these sites for my parts. Also the USPO is worthless! As soon as they discovered I didn't insure the package they said they didn't have to do a thing. thanks Don
  16. How could anyone NOT be hooked on that stang! Beautiful car. Welcome from the Black Hills of South Dakota.
  17. Update: A deal is in progress for the tach cluster and the clutch pedals. I still have the center gauge panel for sale. Thanks 7173 mustangs.com
  18. Mike, You know what. I will let the cluster go for 150 plus shipping. Like I said they belong on a mustang and I am not using them. Send me an address and I will get you an insured quote. I don't do pay-pal (long story) but will do a cleared check or bank MO. Thanks Don
  19. Wow thank you. I had my seat belts just hanging down and with the window down this summer they blew and just about took out my rear window lol. I would be happy to buy them or at least pay shipping. Thanks Don
  20. Welcome from South Dakota. Old Mustangs rule!
  21. Thank you for the interest. I am not really fishing for value. I know what I gave for it. (a bit more than that ) and no I don't do ebay at all. I will consider it as like I said I wont be using them and they belong on a car not a shelf. I will get back to you. Thanks Don
  22. Thanks for the input. I have these I was talking about the little clips in the other post. But thank you for the reply. Thanks Don Yes thank you. There was one of those in the trunk when I got the car. I couldn't figure out what it was or where it was supposed to go. Do I need just 2? or 4 and where do they go? How do they fasten to the car? Thanks Don Thank you for the information. Looks like I am just 1 short then. These are very different than the mopar ones so I wasn't sure. Thanks Don I believe you only 2. I per side. They slip down into the headliner trim piece.
  23. Yes thank you. There was one of those in the trunk when I got the car. I couldn't figure out what it was or where it was supposed to go. Do I need just 2? or 4 and where do they go? How do they fasten to the car? Thanks Don
  24. Can someone post a picture of the holder on the headliner that holds the shoulder seat belt up when not in use. Mine were missing and I have no idea what ford used. Thanks Don
  25. Years ago I bought some parts from a 351 boss in a salvage yard. I was going to build a tribute boss. I have since sold the mach 1 that was to be my boss car. I have for sale a 4 speed pedal set up with linkage and z bar, a cluster with 8k tach. and a center gauge panel with factory gauges and a drag pack center section with 3:91 gears. I don't know what there worth but they need to be in a car and not in my shop. So open to offers. The center section is to heavy to ship so local only on that. Thanks Don
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