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  1. Need to see some pics of the wife's 79 step side.


    I built this for her pretty much from scratch. Totally custom inside and out. It has a 5.0 out of a 91 cobra auto trans. shaved door handles. Everything custom. She does real well at shows.



  2. Your wife and my wife must be from different planets: she actually likes your Beast? Will she ride in it? She must be a 'fast lady'!

    Welcome to you and the Pony from Florida.


    Just love the license plates from South Dakota: Great places and Great Faces! You can see 'em from a mile away!


    Thank you and yes she will not only ride in it she always wants to drive. She is as big of gear head as I am. She has a 01 mustang convert. and a 71 chevelle SS as well as a 79 ford step side 4x4 with a 9 inch lift all custom inside and out.

  3. Well I thank you one and all for the warm welcomes here. I have been a member here for less than 24 hours and I dare say it is the friendliest site I have been on! I have a mopar fetish as well (please forgive me) but ford has been in my blood much longer. This is a great site with great people. I look forward to being a prominent member here.

  4. Welcome from TriCities WA. Cool car!!!


    Thank you love your picture with the sunset. Great to be here great site.



    Man sounds like a Bad A ride!


    What I do;


    Tiny Pic search

    Then upload now button

    then copy/paste link into text area

    What color is your ride I like it. It is a color you don't see often. Fits the body style!

  5. That is the S I'm talkin about! Nice car brother!!


    Love to see a video of the car running just to hear it!!!


    Brings back great memories of my drag racing days.. well done SIR.




    Thank you! I built it for racing even had slicks on it once. But changed my mind now because my wife fell in love with it. We are making a pro-street out of it now. I will up date pictures as it changes daily. It now has a front spoiler, a wood 3 spoke steering wheel, and deluxe door panels just as of this weekend. Still have a ton of plans for it.

  6. Thanks for the welcome. I am glad to find a 71-73 Mustang site. These often over looked cars are very cool. I have owned a 71 C code (429 CJR) as well as a 72 Mach and my 71 I have now. As soon as some schools me on this sites picture posting I will post pictures. Looking forward to being part of this site.



    We also at this time have a 70 coupe (restoration in progress) a 70 convert. needing everything and a 01 convert.

  7. Looking for a pair of sun visors for a 71-73 coupe. I don't care what color as long as there in good shape. I need the complete set up. I don't do ebay or pay-pal. Will send MO or check don't mind if I have to wait for it to clear.

  8. Hello, Not new to Mustangs (by a long shot) New to this site. I have several Mustangs but was looking around for a 71-73 site. Mine is not a generic stang. It is a 71 with a thunder jet 429, 11.7 to 1 compression weiand tunnel ram with 2 650 holleys. 270/280 cam Mallory centrifugal advance distributor with MSD ignition control with 3 inch exhaust, a heavy C6 transmission hooked to a 391 drag pack rear end.http:

    Cant seem to post pictures. Every site is different. lollerz

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