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  1. Thanks, My door panels are original and in excellent condition and I didn't want to cut them up, and I didn't want to put non Factory kick panels in, so it seemed like the only way to have room to put speakers in.
  2. Front speakers, had to cut the baffle off to get air flow in front of the magnet. At least that's my guess, I tried them without the baffles and with the baffles modified to this point and this point sounded the best.
  3. Also used boom mat baffles on the front speakers but also had to vent the bavk of them to get good sound. And this is the amp I used Kenwood KAC-M1824BT Bluetooth 400 Watt Waterproof Marine Stereo Speakers had already been mounted back here when I got the car back in 85, I cleaned it up alot though, looks much better now.
  4. I already had a custom Autosound radio in my 73 it looks good but sounded like crap, even with pretty good speakers so I got to researching, Broke down and bought the Kenwood Bluetooth receiver amplifier with a wired remote. Amplifier is mounted in the trunk wired remote runs under the carpet under my console and I mounted the remote control in the ashtray holder. Installed a couple of small but good 4in Morel speakers under the front dash, had to custom make some brackets and they turned out really well, had to trim the speaker cover of the passenger side one but the speaker is not modified. already had a nice pair of 6x9 Pioneers in the back they sound 100% better with amp pushing them overall sounds really good compared to what I had. I can also still use the custom Autosound radio through the amp I hooked it up to it and then even if the amp goes out I left the front in dash speaker hooked just to the radio I can play it even if the amp dies. Used boom mat foam speaker baffles on the rear speakers but had to put large holes in the bottom of them to get the sound right. Installed the baffles between the metal of the car and the particleboard rear shelf, put a thin layer of closed cell foam all aound them to even things out and cut noise from the trunk. [/url]post images
  5. And I stocked up on Knob Creek last week
  6. I've had my Mustang since 1985, back then we would start in Almond North Carolina run 28 to Fontana Dam, 129 all the way to Chilhowee, when you came out of the curvey part of 129 and hit the straightaways at Chilhowee that 429 would moan.
  7. Looks nice, bet it looks great on t he road
  8. we were pulling some G's in the bottom 2 images
  9. Setting here at home, working from home, county line closed,, thinking of better times, My son and I ran 129 last summer
  10. Yep there are very few people I would loan my truck to, even fewer with the mustang, perhaps 2. and man your mustang looks to the exact same color as mine
  11. I believe those are called fender and hood extensions, in post #15 of this thread Fabrice talks about options with them.
  12. Great Information! This is doable for me, This summer when I have the time off from work will be the time, and I think I will start looking for parts!
  13. Thanks for the info, I feel the same about the bumper,,, I bought my 73 back in 85 thinking it wold be a simple swap to a chrome bumper like the 72,, found out I was wrong later on,,
  14. That does look nice,, so you used a 72 valance and lights as well?? and 72 bumper brackets or did you modify 73 ones?
  15. Cab you post an image from the side view please? Been thinking about doing this for a long time
  16. I filled it with Type F and she is working well!! Thanks for the advice. New shift lever seals and pan gaskets seem nice and dry as well.
  17. My 73 has a C6 tranny and 429 motor from a 1970 Torino in it,,, I have the tranny pan off to replace the shift lever seals and have also drained the torque converter. The tranny was rebuilt in 1987 and has about 20,000 miles on it since. Never a moments trouble except for a leaky pan and now the shift lever seal,, have a new pan and better pan gasket, and seals but am unsure of what fluid to use. There was no residue of any kind in the pan when I pulled it. I have no details on the rebuild or on the fluid that was used at the time. I think the 1970 when new used Typle F,,,, and that in the early 80's they switched to another type.
  18. Been awile but it ended up being a lot of work but not that bad. Gasket worked well, had to jack up the motor to get it off. Put in a new shaft and the retainer ring is in place and nice and tight. I used a set of studs and they made it even easier
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