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  1. I went Mechanical but really electrical could be the way to go,,, that plastic oil line could make a mess pretty quick if it broke behind the dash,,,,,,
  2. For the Voltmeter Catalog # 332 103 Input Type analog Diameter 2 1/16 in Connection .250" Spade Mounting Hardware Spin-Lok™ Voltage 12V Equiv. Bulk PN# 332-103B Diameter (Metric) 52mm So yes all three are
  3. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-rocketmans-tach-conversion-rocks-in-renewed-dash I posted a bunch of info on them on the other thread,,,
  4. http://www.vdo-instruments.com/instruments/by-type/water-temperature/vision-black-265-deg-f-mechanical-water-temperature-gauge-wit-72-capillary-12v.html http://www.vdo-instruments.com/vision-black-12v-voltmeter.html http://www.vdo-instruments.com/vision-black-100-psi-mechanical-oil-pressure-gauge-12v.html I used the above 3 gauges, their needles match the factory speedo and gas needles very well and I bought some I believe blue bulbs to match the light colors They fit pretty well now that they are in but they were a little bit of a pain to get there, first the gauges are round and the holes are not, my dremil and a couple of sanding disk came in handy, the 3 pod dash panel reproduction is trashed for any other use. I also had to get creative in the fastening of the gauges into the holes, the brackets that came with them worked but it was very hard to get the gauges stationary, I ended up getting them where I wanted them then applying hot glue around the rear of the gauge to keep them from slipping, The face of my reproduction dash panel wasn't flat around the face of the holes either so I did a little very careful sanding with a flat block and repainting to get a better fit. The gauge is round and the mounting surface oval but that is alot harder to notice one it is in the car Rocketmans tach was a much easier fix!
  5. Not stealing man I'm sharing! you will do better with one that has not been chromed if you paint it,,, I actually bought a chromed one as well and thought about using it but it would have been much flashier and I wanted a more subdued look. I used a dremil tool to cut the mounting studs in the back down enough to use them to attach a flat piece of metal in there. Then I put 2 small bolts that fit the existing holes in the dash through that piece of metal, it sets deep enough that I put a layer of foam tape on my bracket to protect my dash,,, easy to remove and repair the paint if necessary and re insert the seat belt light,, There is a better image of the fender emblem on my other thread about my whole dash redo and how great rocketmans tach is I used VDO Vision gauges
  6. This past winter I did alot of work on my dash,,, First I took it down to the metal dash panel, Then I,,, Replaced my idiot light cluster with a Rocketman Tach,, this was easy to do and I can't believe how much better it looks, the tach functions and looks great. Used replacement adjustable led bulbs and I can really see things better now. Put in a new instrument cluster lens, this also made a huge difference Removed several dents and scratches from the dash, then primed and repainted with grey metallic,, I had a hard time with the spraycan paint and getting the metalflake even,,, after 3 tries It is good enough but when the sun hits it just right there are a couple of small inconsistencies. Installed a 429 fender emblem in place of the dash seat belt light, bought a 3 gauge instrument panel for the dash and installed 3 VDO gauges, They are not recessed but I decided to go this route for better visibility,, at a later date I may decide to recess them. Repaired and polished the steering wheel, and repaired the AC vents. All in all a long winters project.
  7. I asked here about getting rid of the seat belt light last year,,, some people have removed it and others like it. It always bugged me with the way it stood out visually and I was always thinking of a way to get rid of it while adding to the look of the dash.. My car has a 1970 Torino 429 in it, so when I came across a 429 fender emblem for the Torino i started thinking. The angle on the fender emblem was the same at the face of our dash, and the size was about right,,,, I found a fender emblem that had not been finished and was just the plain pot metal,,, I made a small bracket that is contained within the body of the emblem and it has 2 small bolts that use the existing mount holes for the seat belt light, painted the emblem with self etching primer, then the same paint as I repainted my dash with, a spray bomb of the metallic grey. Then I very lightly sanded the raised surfaces of the emblem to have the numbers stand out. In person the colors work really well. The emblem blends in with the dash but the numbers stand out enough to get some attention,, it really looks like it was suppose to be there.
  8. Judge, That sounds great to me, PM sent,,, Knowing me I may end up messing mine up beyond repair
  9. I just did the same thing and am going to order the convex mirror and put it on instead of mine which was cracked already and came apart while removing it Thanks a bunch for the images and advice
  10. OK read the thread,,, I had the inner assembly out,,, I am missing the 2 plastic bushings that go on the 2 pins that are on either side of the ball socket,,, the socket is also so loose that it just flops around,,, are those plastic bushings available?? I have looked and cant find them.
  11. My exterior shell is fine, but the mirror will not stay adjusted flops around, seems to be missing parts that keep it from doing this
  12. I was using a spray can, it looks good unless your out in the sun and then the metal flake just isn't right,, I though it looked good til I rolled it out all reassembled,,,, not gonna tackle it again any time soon! Let me know how yours turns out What were you using rattle can or spray gun? If I order the Drake spray cans I will do like before turn can upside down bleed all the propellant out. Cut a hole in bottom after shaking up very good and pour into mason jar. You can usually do much better with a small detail gun than any spray can. It takes forever to bleed the can it is best to find a tube to stand it in and put a weight on the bottom and just leave it takes nearly 10 min. sometimes. You can still get lacquer by the gallon but you have to be a licensed shop and it has to be use on a vehicle that used lacquer when made. A friend that has a shop got a gallon of black for one of the vehicles he was doing and it was over $800.00 for a gallon of black. Thanks for getting back. David Ok I ordered three cans from NPD since they are only 100 miles away from me. Will empty them out and see how it goes. I will take a couple pics for before and after.
  13. I had a really hard time getting the spray paint black charcoal metallic to give an even coat with the metal flake,,, I painted the area around the glove box 3 times and still am not really happy with it
  14. 7x14 inch painted magnum 500s with 3 inch deep stainless trim rings
  15. Mmmmmm wonder how that would work on a 73 poly bumper in a chrome wrap
  16. Don't think you could chrome a rubber bumper,,,,,,,, Im gonna do the same conversion that Claus did when I get brave enough to tackle it
  17. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1973-front-bumper very possible and perhaps the next thing I tackle on mine
  18. Document everything well, every damaged part and cost,,, sure hope you don't pick up any damage getting the motor in and out,,,,, man I would have been ticked
  19. It's a pain to find, my 73 coupe has it as well, lots of internet searching may find you some NOS if you are lucky
  20. If Fastbackjon hasn't already bought them I'll take them if there are no scratches or dings
  21. That would drive me crazy if I got behind you,,, I'd be like what the heck? special edition??? Looks good
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