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  1. I know this is an old thread but do you still have this 71-73 two spoke deluxe steering wheel 2 fine cracks on back of spokes, no pad brown colored. $75
  2. Jhawk635,, I like that interior! It all works together very well,,,, I never realized that so many people liked the seat belt wart,,,, I'm rethinking it's elimination,,,, My FrankinStang has a 429 out of a 1970 Torino under the hood,, I had thought about mounting one of these over the hole but am afraid it would seem to out of place and a little large http://www.dearbornclassics.com/lower-fender-emblem-429-fairlane-ranchero-torino-1970.html or one of these http://www.cobranda.com/19hoscem429.html
  3. I need a 1973 Deluxe 2 spoke steering wheel, prefer saddle color if the wheel does not need repairs, mine has several bad cracks and is badly bent from a wreck years ago,, I could paint any color though I have the pad and center emblem in great shape, just need the actual wheel,,, shoot me a price if you have one Thanks
  4. I've never been a fan of the above dashbox seatbelt light in my 73 coupe,,, has anybody else done away with the thing??? I did search the site but came up with nothing on removal,, I found a replacement panel but it is plastic? and mine is metal and part of the dash,,, I'm repainting my whole dash so now is the time, seems like a good place for a Mustang emblem, or I could bondo and make disappear. Already have repaired a couple of bad dents in other locations..
  5. I am taking my dash apart on my 73 coupe to install a Rocketman Tac and 3 gauge cluster and have a bad dent that I would like to remove from the metal panel under and to the left of the steering wheel,,, The paint is already missing from the dent and I figure I will knock the dent out the best that I can then bondo and repaint,,, Does anybody have info on the correct paint to use?
  6. I would flat out love to have those,,,,,
  7. Some good work it looks like,,, I like it but like the origional better
  8. Sooo I am planning on doing the Rocketman Tach conversion,,, perhaps installing a Center Gauge Panel, also would like to replace the dash trim bezel on the passengers side that has the little seatbelt light with one that does not,,, and I could be pulling the dash frame,,,could be a busy summer.
  9. Thats what I was afraid of,, I am doing the "Rocketman Tach" conversion anyway and may tackle it then with the dent puller and bondo,, that may be the best way to go.
  10. Depends on how hard it is to replace,,,, I could do some bodywork and repair the big dent but it would make a mess in my car for sure
  11. I have a damaged interior piece, part of the dash on the drivers side, it is the metal panal that the light switch and windshield wiper is mounted the dash frame?? Mine has a huge dent from my knee eating it in a wreck years ago,, the knee recovered the dash never has.
  12. 2008 Tundra Crew Max 4x4 hauls the kids and I to school and back every day
  13. I would love to see some closeups from a car with this done, to look for the fit better,,, was looking for a chrome front bumper 72 back in 85 when I bought my 73,,, At the time I thought it would be an easy swap then found out different and have lived with the huge painted bumper since. My car already has a non factory motor from a 1970 Torino 429, and a Mach 1 hood on a coupe so I'm not really worried about the factory look. More the look I like, I would keep my painted hood and front fender trims as I have a pretty good paint job right now.
  14. Nice,,, soooo when are ya gonna start offering that as a service???
  15. I'm wanting to do the same thing, need to get the bezel as well,
  16. Thats just awful,,,, hope it turns out well for ya,,, on a side note Last month one of the Janitors here at work was throwing rocks a a wasp nest and managed to brake the windshield and dent the hood in my Tundra,,,, no where the damage of your car though,,, I was mad enough at my guy,,, had it been my 73 stang I would have been much worse!!!!!
  17. I'd make love to it! No kidding that's one bad assed car,,,
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