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  1. Back in high school I wanted a 69 or 70 Gt500 bad and really bad,,,, could not find one I could buy and ended up with a 73 coupe, still have the coupe,,, if I could just get a chrome bumper for the front of that sucker without changing the fenders I'd be happy
  2. Thats really cool, bet you could make some $$$ doing one for peoples cars in the right color and such after you get a few base models done
  3. I would like a set of the chromed ones for sure,,, don't have the $$$ to justify it though,,, just need a spare painted one,,, and I should have said a 15 inch wheel earlier,, not a 1 inch,,,,, we have a 69 roadrunner that has these but they are the chromed version AND have the brushed stainless rings,, looks good
  4. There are more out there for 15 inch wheels I believe,,, not as many for my 14 inch
  5. I have seen them but the hard part is finding ones deep enough,,, my rings are 2 and 15/16ths inches deep,,, most you find are just 2.5 inches and they leave a large crack between the ring and the inner wheel,,, Fordication,, PM sent
  6. These are not mine but are the same wheels I believe,,, they ended up on alot of cars in the 70's and this is how I am running them now except that I have painted the brake drums flat black instead of silver
  7. well it may not have been the original wheels for the car thats for sure
  8. I need a 7x14 mag 500 painted wheel not a chromed one,,, all I can find is the chromed version,,, I will refinish and repaint, but it needs to be sound with no major rust
  9. As the Title says looking for a 7x14 magnum 500 road wheel,,, I need one of the painted ones, not chrome,, paint can be bad, no major rust or dings images can be found here,,, I started another thread asking about possible sources http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-source-for-a-7x14-mag-500-painted-wheel?pid=38346#pid38346
  10. According to my 1973 Mustang Illustrated Facts and Specifications Manual The "Protection Group" on the 73's "includes vinyl insert body side molding, spare tire lock, door edge guards. Body side tape stripe deleted on Grande when this option ordered. N.A. on Mach 1 or with Decor Group". So it was available on coupes, convertibles, and sportsroof models. Here is a link to the 73 Mustang Brochure with a pic of the side molding: http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/brochuredisplay.cgi?year=1973&manuf=Ford&model=Mustang&smod=&page=8&scan=8 Thanks I managed to replace some of mine 20 years ago,,, was not easy to find back then before the WWW,,,
  11. Hey nice car for sure looks better than many AFTER they are redone!!! One thing I noticed is the chrome and black trim that runs from the back quarter panel to the front of the front fender,,, my 1973 has that same trim,,, was it limited to a certain model or classification?
  12. never weighed mine but I have had to push it,,,, whewwwwwwww
  13. looks like a great mod, I am pulling the steering wheel this winter for some work and need to replace the gauge cluster lights anyway
  14. I'm gonna do this add on,the wife saw it on the computer and said merry xmas honey,,thinking ahead she is,, wonder how hard it would be to replace the sped. pointer with a matching rocketman one?
  15. I did my 73s seats last winter, was a pain to get them as I wanted, the wires that are embedded in the foam were hard to get the new covers fastened to with the rings so that the seat covers would be flat and smooth like I wanted. The backs of the front seats were the worst and the rear seat was the easiest. Mine look pretty good but I had to do one then take it all apart and redo it to get it to my specs. Take your time and take alot of pictures as you tear the old ones off, take note as to where and how all the hogrings are attached especially those that are attached to the wires embedded in the foam. It is very important that you get these right, having the covers nice and warm helps alot as well... And TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!!
  16. In my 73 coupe a 429 fits about as well as the 351c did...
  17. when I post a private message and the computer is waiting a really cool Tach Icon comes up instead of the typical hourglass,,, anyone know where this is available to install on my computer?
  18. Yep I have taken it out and the pivot point is what is worn out, it just rolls around in there, I would need the pivot point replaced the whole mirror housing is fine as is the actual glass of the mirror. Poor thing always ends up pointing at the rear wheel,,,,
  19. My 73 coupe has the remote mirror on the left and the plain one on the right, the right one's ball and socket joint is so worn out that it just flops around and will not stay adjusted,,, any fixes for this other than replacement?
  20. Found this one though with one heck of a writeup! http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/classic-tech/246871-1973-mustang-factory-tachometer-installation.html and I like how he did the gauges in the middle part of the dash
  21. Interesting, I would like to do the same thing with my 73,,
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