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  1. OKOKOK I'll take a few or scan some older ones!
  2. Hello all,, it is great to find this forum,,, wish it had been around back in 84 when I first got my 1973 coupe,,,, It was pretty much factory then, plain 351c 2 barrel, auto, Ginger interior and goldish exterior,, in 1989 I was hit by a DUI head on and pretty much totaled the whole car in front of the windshield, the Frame and suspension was all that was left, motor had major damage, I am sure the block was OK but thats probably all, I had a 1970 429 out of a 1970 Torino that needed a home so when I rebuilt the 73 coupe I included the 429 and C6 that was with it, added a Mach1 hood for looks and went with a dark burnt red paint,,, Ya I was in High school alright,,,, anyway still driving the 73 when the weather is just right and spent alot of time on the interior this past winter, have a few other things I want to work on and think that this site will be a great resource.
  3. Great thread!!! I have always wished my 73 coupe had a chrome bumper not the heavy painted one,,, has anyone actually done that?
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