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  1. Yeah, it's strange how every other generation but 71-73 sported this combo. I'm conflicted about a repaint that is neither factory option or correct for my build sheet (Dark Green), but it's such a mean look
  2. Looks good.....BUT......I would go for lime green insets and stripes(which was a color option) OR Bright yellow. Black and yellow with wide exhaust pipes driving down the road like a angry hornet :D Hmmm...black with bright yellow decal kit could be a sinister combination. International sign for danger, stay away
  3. Perfect. Thanks for the pics. I really like this. The gold on black is sharp.
  4. I'm considering a repaint with this combo but haven't seen one in real life, and yes, I am Burnt Reynolds. Even I can't afford a 77 Tran AM SE.
  5. Yup, that's the one place I found. The options are pretty close to what I'm looking for but not exact.
  6. I have mine on display in my furniture store. Most customers don't recognize the model, make or year but they love it. People ask all the time if it's a DeLorean. 71-73 values are gonna skyrocket.
  7. Does anybody have a connection that offers custom colors? I've run across one company that has 20 or so color options but it's not an exact match for what I'm looking for.
  8. Some people just don't like to drive cars that look like the metallic hell spawn of a hammerhead shark and devil ray. Fine by me, I'm thrilled that Mustang "purist" collectors dislike 'em. I can steal one off of craigslist for $15k and feel like I'm driving a De Tomaso Mangusta.
  9. Was busy on my 71 this weekend, its having a different layout/options than my 73, while both have the red defrost light, on both its located in left corner, as seen on the picts I posted on your other thread. I just realise that the hole you have is too large for it. On the 71, the same spot is being used for the parking break light, the lens is bigger, with park written on it and is likely to match this hole. Don't know why ford did not keep all lights sharing same design... Yes!! Brake light is a clever fix. Found one for a Ford pickup should fit nicely.
  10. Any idea where to find the indicator light/lens that accompanies the defrost switch? Or any work around to just fill the empty space and make it look natural?
  11. The rear defrost must not have been a popular option, I can't find any indicators even mentioned online. Anybody have a pic of what theirs looks like? I don't need mine to work, just want to put in a dummy lens or something.
  12. Hey All, could use some help. Is this some kind of indicator light that missing here between the defrost and light knobs on my 72 Mach?
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