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  1. OK, Makes sense! I would also have essentially a two wire connection at the alternator (O-LB and the thicker "hot" wire going either to junction block or on the side of starter solenoid). I was also wondering where the white-black wire coming from alternator goes (on my loom it spits in a "y" ). On the wiring diagram they dismiss that circuit, (circuit 4), if you have an ammeter. I was unsure and didn't want to start guessing and starting a car fire. XD Thank you both Don and Rackerm for your informations! Marco
  2. Hi everybody, I wanted to share this with you guys and gals; if anyone has had the same issue I experienced yesterday with my brother. We were testing out the whole wiring harness for the first time in the car, (nerve racking yes, after having watched many tv shows where the actors screw up and start a fire), but not to worry we were confident and everything went smoothly. We proceeded to test the lights, flashers, hazards, backup, stop light switch and the issue we had was up front. The wiring pigtail of one of the flashers up front was inversed. I had just ordered this part from CJ, a LH flasher for our mustang. For some reason, in their manufacturing process they have the wiring pigtail exactly the same as on the RH side. This caused for some reason, a dull flasher and super bright driving light. Yes I thought it could have been my car's wiring but strangely enough when I plugged in the RH housing it worked perfectly fine(Bright flasher, dull or lower intensity for the driving light) We tried this on both the drivers and passengers side to eliminate anything that had to do with the cars wiring. I'm posting this so that if you've bought this part before or planning to buy it and have had a similar issue, don't go right ahead and start tearing up your wiring loom, the fault in this case was poor quality control and the new part was the problem. I hope to have helped someone out, like many on this site have helped me!
  3. Hello everybody! I have a question regarding how the wiring harness is routed to the tank from the wheel well/trunk area inside the car. My wheel wells and trunk floor were replaced and I do not have any guide as to how the wiring is routed properly. My concern is that I don't want it to get caught up with the up/down motion of the leaf springs. I've identified what looks to be the logical choice, I'm pointing to it with a screwdriver in one of the photos. here are some photos to help you situate the location I'm talking about. Thank you for your help Marco
  4. I don't think there was anything that got installed in that location from the factory. Most likely like others have suggested something aftermarket or custom accessory. Its a fairly tight spot, I wouldn't know what to put there to make use of that unused space? Marco
  5. Hi, For my tail light housings, I used paint thinner and a scraper+ rags to remove as much of the goo off of the perimeter of the lens and housing. Takes a while, but the result is pretty good. It didn't affect the plastic on the lenses but I was also being very careful about it. Then rinse and clean with soap to remove the residual film left by the glue mixing with the paint thinner. Make sure your in a well ventilated environment or wear a mask, don't make the same mistake i did breathing in paint thinner for 30min before realizing putting on a mask would be a great idea. Maybe someone has a different suggestion also to propose. Hope this helps you out! Marco
  6. Welcome, from Canada Marco
  7. The Mach1 Sports Interior option included some nice interior items. In 72 it included knitted vinyl high back bucket seats with accent stripes, tachometer, trip odometer, auxiliary instrument cluster (center instrument panel oil, amp, temp gauges), bright trim on pedal pads, molded door trim panels with wood grain inserts, color keyed vinyl carpet inserts, black camera case finish with chrome accents on left, right and center instrument panel trim bezels with wood grain on the center piece, and a rear seat ash tray. The only difference in 71 is that the option included a clock in the left instrument cluster pod. (Clock only standard on Grandé) You had to order the instrumentation group option to get the tachometer, which was standard only on the Boss 351. Thank you for the explanation!
  8. Hi, I would like to know, what is meant by Mach 1 sports interior. Does that refer simply to Mach 1 styled seats with "comfortwave" inserts?? I believe deluxe interior came with door panels (with wood inserts), the plastic trim on dash with chrome lip (driver and passenger), deluxe seat covers.... probably missing other stuff.. A little confused. thx[/font]
  9. Hi Ozzie Welcome from Canada Marco/Andrew bros
  10. Welcome from Canada!! That car needs lots of love brother!! Marco/Andrew bros
  11. With my other classic car(1981 Honda Prelude) I try to start it up halfway during the winter time period. Pick a day that is fairly mild. Start the car up till its warm and I go around the block a couple of times. Never have I drained the oil or gas from the tank. Idk who does. But I do add a fuel stabiliser to a full tank prior to storage in autumn. Haven't had any problems yet. (8yrs now) I would use the same method for any other car I plan to store. the mustang is in the heated bodyshop at the moment so I dont need to worry too much. Marco/Andrew
  12. We are running a Holley Street Avenger 4150 style carb on top of an old school Holley Street Dominator single plane intake manifold. Pretty cool setup, but I think those old school Holley intakes are quite challenging to find. Weiand makes the Xcelerator for 2V heads but I wouldnt be able to give you any reviews on that part. Marco
  13. For what my two cents are worth. My brother and I decided to go with a comp cams Xtreme Energy cam. 262h is the grind family. We have a 351c with 2V heads though. I don't know what your expectations are or how radical you want it to sound but we were able to make some pretty good hp with it. best of luck with your selection
  14. Sweet! Another H-code owner!! Welcome from Canada Marco/Andrew bros
  15. We had to do a little bending when I ordered the line for the 2v engine setup. From the fuel pump, my bro had it hug the cylinder head much more, that resulted in an increase of pipe length so he made a wide 180 degree bend (portion where its level with the radiator). Ultimately it routes behind the distributor since we've converted to a holley 4150 carb and the fuel inlets are on passenger side. As long as there aren't any crazy kinks or acute angles impeding flow, you should be all good! Marco/Andrew bros
  16. Welcome form Canada!! Long Live the 351 Cleveland! Marco/Andrew bros
  17. If I understood correctly this gauge is working properly if there is only a slight lean towards either D or C. :huh: If there's a major lean(deflection) or it doesn't reset to the center position then we might have problems running it and we should disable or substitute my other gauge cluster. Thank you for your understanding! Marco/Andrew bros
  18. Very, very nice paint job!! Looks beautiful and stands out! Marco/Andrew bros
  19. Welcome from Canada!! Beautiful BOSS 351!! Marco/Andrew bros
  20. By off center, what do you mean. I just noticed it quickly, the needle pointing straight down. Yes, we didn't have everything hooked up when we started the engine. thanks for the info!
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