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    72 mustang mach 1 H code
    red and black with white interior
    351c 2v for now, switching to 4v


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    alberta beamount
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  1. Sounds good thanks guys. Ill post pixks whwn i get it apart foe the oher unknown.
  2. Dad gave me his ram air kit and lost the screws to hold it in place lol, what kind do I need?
  3. Ok cool. And how about this one then...... looks like a patvh job... dont look good anyways
  4. I know i done it twice now and nothing...... but its in the intake valley with the lifters just behind the distributor. About the size of a quarter but not quite.
  5. This is a donar motor so im not worried about using this block but for information sake i would like to know what may have caused this hole?
  6. What kind of difference you talking? I'm a newbie to the transmission world lol and have an fmx
  7. Forgot to input, I do have mildon one piece ss valves rdy to go in the heads. I live 5mins from the track and will be there a lot and will still want to use the car around town but , I'm not worried about street manners as such. I'm sure every ones street manners is different too. I would like a tire roaster and a mean sounding machine that actually goes quick lol
  8. Thanks. I have 2v heads on there now. But my dad gave me 4v heads so just as well to use them. Thanks tho
  9. Thanks for the input so far guys. I'm going to hold off on these until next winter to do. Decided to make more engine power first lol
  10. Car details I threaded earlier about a stroker...that's out for now until maybe next year. But I hope someone can shed light on this for me plz. 3.50 posi Fmx tranny :-/ 351c 4v closed chamber heads not machined yet but will be before install. Comp headers to 2.5 exhaust unsure of size of headers Right now a 650 eddy but probably get bigger Mallory unilite dizzy 15 or 16 inch tires unsure yet of what I'll get. Have ram air not sure if it will hook up too the intake I have Torker intake or may invest in something else too.... Tranny I know is a weak point...there is highway driving and I'd like to get AOD for future. But I'm doing the motor first and maybe it will tear apart the tranny and I can have an excuse to buy another lol either or looking at this kit K32-601-8 from comp cams. It's there thumpr series I'd like to try out. I don't want to pick the wrong came tho. Thanks
  11. ok thanks guys. ill have a look into them. all info helps. ok thanks guys. ill have a look into them. all info helps........also have fc 280H-10 high energy comp cam... i dont know what to think of it lol new in box
  12. Lars DK73 whats your build sheet like if you dont mind me asking? and after a long time thinking about this....im going to go with a 408c scat stroker kit. hyd roller kit and cant make my mind up about doing my 4v quenched heads (port, have to redue for screw in and guide plates) or go with trick flows... going to get subframe and traction bars if anyone wants to recommend any be great. have a monte carlo bar already. i have a torker intake that id like to use but if need be i can sell and find a better intake. i have a mallory ignition 3756701 wondering if i can use this also or should i sell it.... the fmx tranny stays for now until i can find a better setup with 3.50 gears and im looking to get better gears too. also have edelbrock 7821 timing chain.. and i think i wont be able to use. correct me if im wrong? and any other suggestions be great too.
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