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    Ford Mustang 04/73 Convertible build in Dearborn; Engine: 351 2v Cleveland V8; Trans: C6 Automatic; Color: Bright Green Gold (4B) Trim Avocado (CG) White Top; Original paint.


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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking for a new starter relay for year of construction 1973 what can you recommend? Would this be an alternative: https://www.ebay.de/itm/MAGNETSCHALTER-ANLASSER-Starterrelais-Ford-F100-F150-Mustang-Thunderbird-56-82/264677316368?hash=item3d9fff5710:g:ozEAAOSwQC9eeP-B Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus Old Part Picture:
  2. Hello Guys, i´m need a new Regulator for a 73ér. Old Regulator is Motorcraft D3 AF 10316 AA NEG Fits a new Part with D3 TF 10316 AA NEG ? ? ? ? Link to Ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/1973-Ford-Mustang-Spannung-Regler-55AMP-Alternator/153862553484?hash=item23d2ec3f8c:g:l-IAAOSwOMdZTYM- What is the difference between the two components, here AF and TF ? Thanks for your Help Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  3. Wow...., That´s a great Projekt. Welcom from Heidelberg in Germany. Greetings Klaus
  4. Net find Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany. Remains healthy in times of Corona ... Gruß Klaus
  5. I live in Heidelberg Germany, where public life is currently being shut down. only grocery and health care stores are open. Sometimes there are no trains or buses. The following are closed: schools and kindergartens, cinemas and theaters, restaurants and snack bars, public places ..., so everything that is not responsible for the care for survival and health. Avoid contact, no trips abroad and domestically. Only one thing remains ..., Mustang drive with my dear wife :-) Stay healthy boys and girls. Greetings from the beautiful and currently sunny Heidelberg on the Neckar.

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