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  1. Thanks for the information, you could help me a lot. 2 or 4 bolt can probably only be seen when the oil pan is dismantled.... Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany and "Stay healthy". Klaus
  2. Hello from Germany, I have a 351 C 2v in my Convertible the Engine Block Number is D2AE-CA and 3C30. Year of Construction of the Mustang is 04/1973. That the Engine from 1972 is clear to me. But what does the whole number mean ? Special 3C30 ? ? Thanks for Help Greetings from Heidelberg Klaus
  3. Happy New Years to everyone from Heideleberg in Germany I wish you all a very very good 2021 Greetings Klaus
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum. Finding a perfect one is a sporting goal. Good luck for that. I found my unrestored 73ér with 351 Cleveland in Germany. Almost around the corner from where I live. Chance and luck. Will let in like this. Even if he has some battle marks. That's what makes the charm. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany
  5. Hi Barry, my Calendar came two weeks ago. Great Job as always. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany. Stay healthy. Klaus
  6. Wow .... 1977 that was a long time ago. I was 15 years old then. And we carry each other every day in the castle by the powder tower. It was a great time. Maybe we met there "who knows" the world is small ;-))
  7. The Karlsplatz in Front of the Heidelberg Castle was empty as never bevor. There are usually hundreds of Tourists here to take Pictures. Such a Phote would never be possible at normal Times. Strange feeling this Emptiness in our City. Corona makes it possible. It´s bad. Stay healthy and many Greeting from Heidelberg in good o´le Germany.... Klaus
  8. Hello, i just came across a Website "actually" for Ford Torinos. The "Ford Times section also includes numerous historical ones Newpaper advertisements and Spezial Advertisments for Ford Mustangs also for the Years 71 - 73. Perhaps one or the other will find something perviously hidden about ther year of Contruction was. Link to the website, and have fun browsing :-) https://www.ford-torino.de/ford-times/januar-dezember-1971/ https://www.ford-torino.de/ford-times/januar-dezember-1972/ https://www.ford-torino.de/ford-times/januar-dezember-1973/ Everyone stay healthy and don´t get stressed. Greetins from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  9. Hi Frank, super Car, fine Location, great Pictures.... I think thats the Gas-Station near by Kniebis. Hope wie see us again next year at the US-CAR-Meeting in Sinsheim or at the Int. Mustang-Meetung of First Mustang Club of Germany ! Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  10. Hello David, thanks für your exact Feedback. I knew about the 302 Pieces from my Marti-Report. My Hope...., to find some more Mustangs with this Combination
  11. Yes, opinions on this Combination of Colors are very very divided. You can only hate or love this Combination. There ist nothing between I love her... :-)
  12. Out of interest..., how many of theese combination survived. Exterior Color 4B Bright Green Gold Metallic Interior Color CG Avocado I have not found an owner in Germany and around Germany. THX vor Feedback
  13. Pictures from the Event would be cool... Looks interesting. Unfortunately to far away from me :-) Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany
  14. Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany Greetings Klaus
  15. Oldtimer and US-Car meeting in Schwetzingen Castle in Germany. Great event during Corona times. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus :-)
  16. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus ;-)
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