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  1. Hello guys and girls. some impressions from the world record Mustang in Belgium this year 2019 was a horny event ... Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus :D
  2. I was invited via my club TMCN, the Dutch Mustang club, to participate but as it wasn't allowed to draw your mustangs on the floor with choke.. So may be next time :) Belgium is surrounded by many countries, Lommel is at the Dutch border, would have been a +-180 miles drive to go there for me. In same doable radius for a nice day, you find Germany, North of France, Luxembourg. Obviously lots of mustangs are within this radius. We had an arrival of 260 miles. Drive on Friday, home on sunday.
  3. Yes, it was a very great Event in Belgien. Our Number was 0597. Registrations were over 1.800 Mustangs Property were 1.326 Mustangs :bravo: Flight show a Mustang 1954 included Greetings from Heidelberg Germany Klaus :cool:
  4. was there with my Shelby GT, at 73ér he is leaking the frost plugs ...., will be repaired this week. Greetings from Heidelberg Germany
  5. 1326 Mustang break the World Record in Eurpoe Belgium Ford Proving Ground Lommel at September 07, 2019 I participated the Ford Mustang 1001 World Record Parade . That´s was a very great Event. See here...
  6. Photographed in LWL Henrichshütte Hattingen Germany during at 37. Int. Ford Mustang Meeting 2018 of First Mustang Clubs of Germany FMCOG: https://www.mustangclub.de Location: Disused Plant for steel production Report published in May 2019 A p o n y s e l d o m c o m e s a l o n e Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  7. A world record attempt to bring together more than 1000 Mustangs at Ford Lommel Proving Ground. https://mustang1001.be/ Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Duck
  8. I am looking for "one original" Convertible Dowel Pin". Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  9. Hi Mark, welcom from Heidelberg in Germany. Greetings Klaus
  10. 15" Rim & 14" Covers ? I see correctly ?
  11. Hi Newold, What is the size of the Wheel Cover ? 14 " or 15 " ? ? Please clean them to be able to judge the condition better. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Duck
  12. Hello Guys, thanks for the detailed descriptions. Good start into the new week. Greetings from Heidelberg Klaus
  13. Hi Historians, on my 1973 Convertible with 351 2V Cleveland a dual Exhaust is installed. Here now the question..... It gave 1973 from Ford, for 351 2V, instead of the single a Exhaust also alternatively the dual Exaust ? Quasi as accessories, for example Magnum Wheels instead Standard Wheels. Look here under "PARTS PRICES" https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/1971-1973-ford-mustang-2/ Thanks for Information. Many Greetings from Heidelberg (Germany) Klaus
  14. Where I get this part... THANKS 4 HELP Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany... Klaus
  15. hi Guys, where I can buy this part :huh: Thanks for Help... Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  16. Hi from Heidelberg, i read just this in the 71-73 MCA Judging Rules: 4. Undercarriage j. Exhaust System 2v engine has single exhaust But i read here: https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hmn/2011/11/1971-1973-Ford-Mustang/3704941.html Under the Point "Parts Prices" Exhaust System, dual -- $ 225 My opinian was the dual exhaust a official accassory. Or not :huh: :chin: Greetings from Germany Klaus
  17. Great result ::thumb:: - two calendars are ordered... You all Merry Christmas and much Luck and Health for the New Year :runninpony: From beautiful Heidelberg many greetings Klaus
  18. still found in the depths of my hard disk..... Greetings from Germany Klaus
  19. Hi Barry, here still three Pic´s Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus 1973 Convertible 351 Cui 2V Cleveland - Bright Green Gold Metallic
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