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  1. Hi Barry, here still three Pic´s Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus 1973 Convertible 351 Cui 2V Cleveland - Bright Green Gold Metallic
  2. Hi, here some Pic´s Greetings from Heidelberg Germany Klaus (Nickname Duck) 1973 Convertible 351 cui 2V Cleveland - Bright Green Gold Metallic
  3. Duck

    New Pictures

    still another greeny 73ér Klaus from Heidelberg in Germany
  4. Duck

    New Pictures

    Very beautiful Green ::thumb:: but.... how much green Mustangs actually here in this Forum ? Best regards from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  5. Duck


    Welcom from Heidelberg in Germany Greetings Klaus
  6. No, those with the round Glass Body does not fit into the Bulb Socket…. The Glass Body must be smaller. See the Drawing, right Bulb.
  7. Hello Guys I'am in the search for a Bulb for a quadrant (Gear-Indicator). The form of the glass body is represented as in the picture. Please dont laugh :D But the original Bulb are broken. Drawing from the Memory...... Problem..., i cannot find the correkt lamp in the www THX 4 Help Greeting from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  8. Mine is a 73ér with a white Top and original and first paint in Bright Green Gold Metallic (4B). 351 2v Cleveland, C6 Cruise'o Matic, Interior Avocado Knitted Vinyl (CG), Bucket Seats, Power-Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel, Console, Bumper Rub Stripes, Decor Group, Tinted Class Complete Sports Wheel Cover. Many Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus ::thumb::
  9. @ Jeam Piere... i was this year in Luxembourg, but we ride sure in 2019 again to this Meeting :cool:
  10. Bonjour Jean-Pierre, welcome from Heidelberg in Germany. My Pony´s are a 2008ér Shelby GT and an 73ér Convertible. We went from 30. June at 01. July at the 32. US-Car-Meeting that Luxembourg Roadrunners. Were you coincidentally also there ? Grettings Klaus
  11. Hi Steve please send a Picture from the Seat Belts. I´ve interess.... Best regarts Klaus
  12. Thanks für dividing David Top Website :goodpost: Klaus
  13. Duck

    New member

    Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany...., post some Pictures from your ´Stang
  14. I look for Avocado Interior also. Without success. Best Regarts from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  15. Hi an Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany
  16. Welcom to this Forum from Heidelberg in Germany ::thumb::
  17. Welcom from Heidelberg in Germany ::thumb::
  18. Oh no Mike…., that hurts much :-/ Duck
  19. That was on the way and at the gateway to the annual Clubmeeting of the First Mustang Club of Germany on the AreaI Industrial Museum Henrichshütte Hattingen in Germany
  20. Howdy Nige, welcome from Heidelberg Germany ::thumb::
  21. Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany.
  22. Hello from Heidelberg Germany ::thumb::
  23. 4B Bright Green Gold Metallic (it´s the first Paint)
  24. Hello from Heidelberg in Germany... Very nice Convertible. Has this ´Stang a white Top ?
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