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  1. Welcome from Heidelberg Germany
  2. Hi libram, I can send pictures gladly. Need your email address. Greetings from Heidelberg Klaus
  3. Without glitter and glamor...., simply the Original ::thumb:: Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  4. Wow, my Stang in the calendar 2018 Thats great - Thanks on Rocketfoot.
  5. To late Calendars are already ordered :P Klaus
  6. Bright Green Gold Metallic ( 4B ) on my 73ér Convertible.
  7. Calendar "TOP".... is ordered. THX Rocketfoot ::thumb::
  8. Big Pictures, great Story..... ::thumb:: Klaus
  9. Many interesting Hints and Links, first i contakt Graphic-Express. Thank at All an greetings from Heidelberg Germany ::thumb::
  10. Hose fits perfectly ! Thanks to all for the assistance and Tips. Greetings from Heidelberg Germany ::thumb::
  11. Hi Folks, here's an info to a possible spare part. When this hose is broken or missing... ...then the hose from the V8 Jeep CJ-7 (Build-Year 1976-86) will fit too. Greetings from Heidelberg Germany Klaus
  12. Hi Folks, Give it such strips "or similarly" as set to buy :huh: It ist for a 1973ér Convertible without a NASA-Hood. Picture is only example Greetings from Heidelberg Germany
  13. Hi Miquel, Very detailed conception and very beautiful pony. Welcome in this forum. Greeting from well old Heidelberg in Germany ::thumb::
  14. 1973ér Original Valve Covers Greetings from Heidelberg Germany Duck
  15. THX for the allowance in Respect to succesion :thankyouyellow: Klaus
  16. Yes Tim, it´s a more proud price...., but i looked for long time ::thumb::
  17. Thanks for the assistance and the link to Ebay. I bought the article. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany
  18. Hi Folks, I need your assistance. Is this aluminum-hose between the canister and air-cleaner original ? Where can take it out to be ordered a original Part ? THX 4 Help Greetings from Heidelberg Klaus :D
  19. Hello from Germany, [/url] i found this Metal-Plate under the Backseat in my 73ér Convertible. Please help me to decode this Plate. Many Greetings from Heidelberg Klaus ::thumb::
  20. Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany Klaus
  21. Welcom from Heidelberg Germany ::thumb::
  22. Hi and welcome from Heidelberg in Germany. Nice Grande´Coupe with nice Color Combination. Duck
  23. Welcome from Old Heidelberg in Germany ::welcome:: Duck
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