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  1. Happy New year to all, and all time good drive ::thumb::
  2. Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany. Duck
  3. Welcom from Heidelberg in Germany. Duck
  4. Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany. Duck
  5. Duck

    new member

    Welcome from Heidelberg Germany ::thumb::
  6. fantastic Video...., thanks for post ::thumb:: Noel Callagher i did not know :chin: salute from Germany Duck :cool:
  7. Hi Ray, hi Chuck, in Mustangtek the transmission AV2 is missing, gives somewhere it to more information ? And which means the numbers and letters in the second line ? Many greetings and thanks for your patience: -)
  8. Hi, can someone help me for the decoding of a ID-Plate for a Axle ? WES-T 3DD 2.75 9 951C What´s the Code 951C ???? Greetings from Germany Klaus :cool:
  9. Hi, can someone help me for the decoding of a ID-Plate for a transmission ? It´s a C6 Cruise O Matic 3-Speed Auomatic in a 1973 Convertible. Greetings from Germany Klaus
  10. Hello Don C, thank you again for your assistance. Property that letter finished and send him in the next days by postmail to Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle. Times see whether I luck has and experience more over owners in the past. Best Regarts from Heidelberg Klaus
  11. Hi Steve, i need this seatbelts but in 2-Point for a Convertible. When you find such so seatbelts, please information me. Thanks :-) Duck
  12. Hi TommyK, hi Frank, thanks for your Feedback. A Picture from the damaged Tube find you in my Photo-Album. Have a nice Day. Cheers Klaus
  13. Sorry, i want to send a picture. How i instert a picture here ? Thanks for Help Klaus
  14. Hi, Someone can help me to find this Tube for the Air Filter ? It´s for a 351 2V Cleveland Engine Air Filter. THX from Germany Heidelberg Klaus
  15. Hi, I looks for seat belts in the color CG (Avocado) for my 73ér. It is a matter of the passenger side. Perhaps someone has which to lie around: -) Greeting from Heidelberg Klaus
  16. Hi Don C, To which place in this office do I have to turn exactly? Would be great if you could tell me that. Thank you very much. Greetings Klaus
  17. Hi Frank, welcome from Heidelberg in Germany :-) I have seen your car at last Mustang Meeting in Sinsheim. Best wishes Klaus
  18. Hi, the Mustang was delivered after his production in Michigan first to a Ford Dealer in Seattle. Afterwards was it to Las Vegas sells. Here was the Mustang for 35 years licensed. Be that in this case would the correct place for a request ? Many Greetings from Heidelberg.
  19. hello to all…., the original title of my 73 is missing. An acquaintance told me, that perhaps I could receive these Original Title or a Copy by the Nevada Department of Engine Vehicles on request. Someone has information concerning this :huh: Whom exactly do I contact on this Department :chin: Greetings from Germany :thankyouyellow: Duck
  20. Hi Tim, maybe we meet us at the US-Car-Meeting in Sinsheim at August 08, 2016 ::thumb:: kind regards Klaus
  21. hi timachone, nice Pics from Mustang Meeting in Sinsheim :coolphotos: Greetings from Heidelberg Duck
  22. Hi Benefactor, the green Stang with white Top it´s me. The Top are new since 2014. After Marti Report was the this 73ér with white Top delivered. Therefore the white Top. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany...., Duck :D
  23. Thanks for yours suggestions and tricks. I see, a suitable Top boat it will not probably give. except custom-made products. Greetings Duck
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