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  1. Hi Benefactor, the green Stang with white Top it´s me. The Top are new since 2014. After Marti Report was the this 73ér with white Top delivered. Therefore the white Top. Greetings from Heidelberg in Germany...., Duck :D
  2. Thanks for yours suggestions and tricks. I see, a suitable Top boat it will not probably give. except custom-made products. Greetings Duck
  3. Hello, I have a top boot in white. This fits very badly. It's a lot of trouble to pull over the top. I'm always drenched in sweat after I put it on. Can someone recommend a boot that fits well? Thanks for recommendations Greetings from Germany Duck
  4. Hello Frank, :thankyouyellow: Cool signature::thumb:: Thumb highly Klaus
  5. Hi Jim, Heidelberg is a marvelous city. You're right. I'm glad to live here. But Hawaii is at least exactly the same class: -) From my point of view. The PHV is used today as camp for refugees. From Heidelberg these are distributed into other cities. A greate pity around the beautiful area. PS-You must know about where Sam Clemens did all of his writing, 20 summers in his wife's family farm, foothills of Elmira, NY Quarry Farm, Langdon girl. Then pedaled his books in the NewEngland States during the winter months. Elmira, my home town and my Elmira College where his study is on display while the rest up in Syracuse University on display.
  6. Welcom from Heidelberg Germany :cool:
  7. Welcome from Heidelberg in Germany Duck ::thumb::
  8. Hi Mustang Dynasty, beautifully that you could see and experience Heidelberg already. In all of Germany many amerikan locations were closed and the rest in Wiesbaden was arranged. I find it unfortunate that into the Amis no more stay in Heidelberg. Is missing somewhat many years grew. But the 11. September. everything changed. Doesn't one get Henkell Dry in the USA ? You should visit once again good old Germany, look in with me. Then we drink a bottle of this Henkell…. Greeting from Heidelberg.... Klaus
  9. Hi Mike, thanks for the reference it with the translation folds. Time will finally learn English thereby I the online translator any longer does not need : -) Gretting Duck
  10. Thank you for the info and your assistance. Also thanks for yours inquire to members with this special entrance to DMV. Beautiful weekend. Greeting Klaus
  11. Hi David, there you are right. In Germany the interest in the 71 - 73 models grows. Also the prices for these models grow. But it is very heavy a good, solid and original Mustang zu find. Usually is very much scrap iron on the German market. We had luck with the Stang. It was its first 35 years in Nevada Las Vegas with its first owner. That Car it also in the original condition. Also our (second) previous owner tinkered not to it. We are very often on meetings and gotten often prices because the Car very original are. I bring the carriage with each opportunity on the road. But they are finally built ::thumb::
  12. hi jbmach1, I have to contact the first owner in the USA tried by mail. Without success. I have the name and the address from documents from its former autoinsurance. I got these documents from our previous owner. The second owner in Germany. The car was imported 2008 to Germany. I bought the mash seaweed 2013. The VIN is 3F03H219746
  13. @ gpierce Yes, the meeting in Sinsheim near Technical-Museum ist a great Location with 400 - 500 Mustangs from 64 till 2016. @ jason It will be as alike with you the fact that the earlier models 64 - represents 68 the majority at meetings. I have the feeling that the 4th generation catches up slowly however reliably. Naturally I have with to shoot the pictures frequently at the 4th gene. respected: -) Grettings Klaus (Duck)
  14. Hello from Germany, here any Pictures from Official Mustang Meeting last Year 2015 in Sinsheim Germany. Also some 71 - 73 Stangs are visible. Grettings Klaus Next Meeting...., http://www.mustangclub.de/index.php/mustangmeeting-2016
  15. Hello David, thanks for the detailed definition. On my Mustang is a mach 1 grille. The bezel around the headlights are black. This is so correct according to your statement ? Greeting Klaus
  16. Hi Folks, has someone so two chromium bezels for a 73ér to sale, or knows someone in such a way from where I one to order can? For your assistance in advance thanks love. Greeting duck from Heidelberg Germany. oh, i see..... no picture..... hm How do I insert a picture?
  17. Many thanks to all and your friendly greetings. My English is not so great, I usually online translators. thus sorry if the texts come somehow distorted over : -))) Greeting from Heidelberg at the beautiful river Neckar @ Boss351 Here in Heidelberg and environments there are many Mustangs. Most however are generations 4 and 5. I have also still another Shelby GT from the year 2008. This was actually in the holy halls of Caroll Shelby and possesses a CSM NUMBER. The color is Vista Blue with silver LeMansStripes. this is our DAILY Car. But most of all I drive the 73. Logically: -)) Greeting duck from Heidelberg
  18. Hello, my name is Klaus and I live in Heidelberg in Germany. Three years ago I bought a 1973 Convertible. It spent 35 years in Las Vegas NV with the first owner before it was sold to Germany in 2008. Since 2013 it's been standing in my garage. I drive Ford Mustang Shelby GT year of construction for 6 years still another 2008. My wife and I really enjoy our Mustangs. We never miss an opportunity to take the vehicles on the road. We attend many meetings and thus meet a lot of great people. Now I sign up to this forum. I am member in First Mustang club OF Germany and some classic car club. I could not pass up on this forum and look forward to some nice exchange of experiences. Greetings from Heidelberg. Duck (Klaus)
  19. Hello, my name is Klaus Wolff from Germany. A friend looks for the chrome rear trim between paint and Vinyl roof for its 72 Stang Coupe. Can someone help me with a supplier for this part or perhaps one of you might have those parts stashed? : -) Greeting duck
  20. Hello, my name is Klaus Wolff from Heidelberg in Germany. Can someone help me and give me hints like I at information from previous owners of my 'Stang's comes? I have in vain tried with a contact to take up to various insurance policies emerged me to be present. I do not have more documents to previous owner from the USA unfortunately. Love of greetings from Germany duck: -)
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