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  1. thanks all. that was goiing to be my first test. its also a double pumper not a vac secondary, that may be part of it too
  2. i have a built 351 and most the time i drive it i feel like im getting choked out by the exhaust fumes. the car is bare metal other than the dash a little carpet and front seats. even people driving behind me on the road can wiff it. having it idle in my driveway stinks up my front yard too. i dont have any exhaust leaks(i had it checked). im just wondering if these motors are characteristic of that or is it because i dont have interior panels in? or could it be something entirely different?
  3. I bought my car september 2009 from my parents work friend who wanted to sell it and buy a Harley. Im the third owner and the previous owner bought it in Tennessee before he moved out here to the LA area. My car had a rough life in the backwoods. He used to for a lack of a better term, "Dukes of Hazzard" it down the dirt roads and fields, and he is almost positive the guy he got it from ran moonshine with it. Anywho, the restoration process has been slow and tedious with not to much support since most peoples knowledge is limited to 65-70 cars, and i wasnt born until this car was 17 years old(im 21). But im excited for the support here. glad i found this site
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