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  1. Just rebuilt my 72 Q code engine and installed headers...running a Quickfuel HR 680 VS....runs great http://www.quickfueltechnology.com/carburetors/street/hr-series/hr-series-carburetor-680cfm-vs.html
  2. Info : Have brand new rebuild on 351c 4v, I tweaked cam to more aggressive ...around Boss 351 specs. , added new 2.25" exhaust( no cross pipes) New Quick Fuel 650 carb. Issues on cold start here in South Florida, not really cold: cranks right up everyday, but stumbles and spits and conks out usually unless I really give her gas. Generally starts up and grumbles on second start... But she really needs to wam up about 5 minutes before I take off! Is this normal for my set up?
  3. recently rebuilt my 1972 Q code and added Doug Thorley long tube headers which were NOT ceramic coated. I am getting very hot while driving this car !! Too hot!! Steering column is radiating heat..... Im pretty sure I should have gotten these puppies ceramic coated!! Will this help with the heat build up in the drivers compartment? And can i still get these used Thorley headers coated ? Or does the header need to be new? Or should I go back to standard intake manifold to make the car more comfortable? Thanks, Adam (more info...When I had the engine rebuilt both intake manifolds were cracked. So I chose to replace with headers as opposed to stock set up, even though I just use car to cruise)
  4. Not to be an ass....but I hope you guys don't actually believe what you see on EBay? Scams everyday to prop up prices, etc...
  5. Rebuilt my engine with a Quick Fuel 680 VS, fires up every time cold, when driving and engine is hot, say I stop for gas, always take about 5to 7 seconds of turning over at least to start. Never worked on this carb, it has an electric choke, my assumption is the choke is maybe staying on when engine is hot? Not really sure. Anyone have experience on these Quick Fuels?
  6. Didn't replace clutch...it was fine. I'm assuming I can just bring it back ...I did drop a lot of money on this. I'd assume the garage would take care of this at no charge? I'm to damn old to bend down under that dash again!
  7. 1972 Q code vert 4 spd..Just back from complete engine rebuild along with headers and exhaust. Issue is the clutch pedal seems to have about 3 to 4 inches of "play" ... Sits down about 3 inches or so from brake pedal..,,which it did not do before the rebuild. Clutch works just fine but pedal is just to close to floor. I can just reach down and it pulls right back to even position with brake pedal, but after I step on it , it stays put unless manually(or with foot) is pulled up...but it still works. Am I missing a spring? Maybe linkage is bent? It's hard to squeeze in there to look!
  8. With 429/460 engine? If yes, then with what framemounts & enginemounts? Sounds too good to be true! My bad! Obviously I have a 351c. But I do believe he makes them for a 429
  9. I just put Doug Thorley long tube headers on my 72 Q code..great fit and great clearance
  10. Went with Doug thorley long tube headers. I had some feedback on the firmament and quality and decided they would work best for me!
  11. Anyone have any thoughts on Sanderson block huggers?
  12. Looking to finish of rebuild of my 72 Q code vert with 351c 4v. Appears both exhaust manifolds were cracked so thinking of going with shorties or standard length headers. Or maybe just standard manifolds? We tweaked the cam just a touch and slight bore on cylinders so engine will get a slight boost over stock. Looking for an easy install header for my car which has power steering and manual transmission...any recommendations? Tks, Adam
  13. That looks interesting! Heard some good and bad about Crane.
  14. 351c 4v CJ. Question is I am rebuilding my engine and was wondering if I really need these? It's a straight up stock rebuild. Do I understand correctly that there is extra labor involved in this? Alterations on the block? Was just trying to understand costs in this as opposed to stamped rockers. My mechanic has the cost at 350 for comp cam roller rocker kit can someone help estimate labor cost? Tks, Adam
  15. Thanks Paul! Thats exactly what Ill do !! The parts you have listed are fine. For the rest of the hard parts I would just let Mike get them for you. He knows what he is doing and knows what he likes when assembling a long block. - Paul of Mo I have used this ebay vendor for the last 3 engines I have put together and have no complaints. All parts are name brand and he will swap out items if requested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-351C-1970-73-Engine-Kit-pistons-gaskets-rings-bearings-Se-Habla-Espanol-/151352325402?hash=item233d4d351a:g:btAAAOSwEK9Tv9xA&vxp=mtr I would swap out the HV oil pump for a standard one - other than that this is about as complete as you can get. - Paul of MO Do i need to supply my mechanic with any additional parts for these? Looks like the intake requires bolts?? Gaskets for everything?
  16. Small World! I used to live in West Palm - Just have Kovacks build the whole thing for you. He will do it right. Problem solved. Is his shop still in the sketchier part of town? - Paul of Mo Kovacks or TEC? Most of the good shops here are in sketchy areas ! Small World! I used to live in West Palm - Just have Kovacks build the whole thing for you. He will do it right. Problem solved. Is his shop still in the sketchier part of town? - Paul of Mo Whoops! You meant Mike Kovacs of TEC! Right? Unfortunately I already have Rick from Ricks Rods involved, so he's pulled the engine and it's getting over to TEC today. I'll have Rick get the engine back in and finish the Carb and intake
  17. previous post about my engine being filled with sludge. I have decided to go a head with a engine rebuild. I had many good suggestions from a lot of you but wanted to confirm what I'm doing going forward, as this is the first time I have done this. 5000 dollar budget I'd like to keep this close to stock,but I like a little pep. This is a cruiser for the beach, not a race car. Questions: 1) i'm thinking about upgrading the cam, thought about using 71 cobra jet specs for a little extra. Any thoughts? 2) do I really need Hardened valve seats? I use premium gas. 3) maybe I should add a new intake? Of course I will keep the old stock intake in case I sell the car in the future. But maybe this is not necessary as I am not a racer. 4) definitely need a new carburetor, any suggestions. I currently have a Holly double pumper at 800 CFM.this came on the car when I bought it. 5)will upgrade to one piece valves. And match lifters and springs to cam 6) performance kit http://www.summitracing.com/parts/fem-csmhp732-310/overview/make/ford Will add valves and springs to this 7) add new roller rocker arms 8) resize rod ends 9) machine crank Anything I missed?
  18. good advice...that is the direction im heading. A nice stock rebuild. The new pistons and small bore are a good point. any other advice on this rebuild? I really dont want to drop 5k on an engine...the rebuit one i linked earlier could maybe be bought for 3000..and that would include all the goodies like sanderson headers, new flyheel. And it has included and already edlebrock intake and new carb and a few other things...thoght that was a sweet deal
  19. I'm in west palm beach fl What's cost to pull motor and do a nice clean factory rebuild? Pushing 4K right?
  20. I think this would be a nice replacement?? Any opinions? Not thrilled about the intake or carb as its not spread bore http://www.ebay.com/itm/172028995430?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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