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    1973 Mustang Mach 1 (I hope)
    Restoration project
    VIN tag gone
    Engine gone, but found 8 pistons in the trunk
    Auto Trans in it
    I got the remaining numbers off the frame
    It has the mirrors on both doors
    I believe it is a mach 1 that came with the F code 302


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  1. Hey Guys, Just bought a 1973 Mustang from a scrap yard, no title, no VIN plate on dash. It is already semi restored, but gutted. No engine, windows, trunk or interior. The rest is already sanded and primed. So, I got the vin from under the fender, but its missing the engine code and body style. I know its either a fastback or a mach 1. It does have mirrors on both doors, anything else to give it away? BTW, it has a auto trans in it, and there were 8 pistons in the trunk. I'm thinking a 302? Any help would be appreciated. 3Fxxx258973 Thanks
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