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  1. You can do it !!!!! looks like a good one to start with....
  2. Looks good, going to order one tomorrow... thanks John for the info.
  3. I'm looking for this black flex hose for my air cleaner
  4. update....after driving the car around now for a few weeks the little bugs are starting to show up, I have a front suspension rattle that I'm trying to chase down, so far I put new sway bar end links and bushings that helped some and today new front shocks, which were pretty worn, I should have changed this stuff out months ago. I will take a test spin later to see if the rattle is gone, it appears that the ball joints are ok so control arm bushing will be the next step.
  5. LOOKS GREAT!!!! I would love to see this car in person someday..... keep up the great work
  6. First road trip last weekend to the Columbus Good Guys Show. The old girl help up on her maiden voyage with no real issues other than a drive belt loosening up a bit but all in all it was good....
  7. Penny's Mach is done, put the bumper on today, I will post up some good photos after this weekend. going to the first show this Saturday.... that's if my header gaskets get here on time. I had one blow out because of a loose bolt. I guess I got tired a missed getting it tight, oh well
  8. thanks for all of the compliments they really mean a lot, so many beautiful cars being done on here its nice to have you guys acknowledge all the work that went into the car. I got so much help and a wealth of information cruzing through the threads on here. what a great bunch of fantastic mustang owners. ::thumb::
  9. the last few pictures then I post up some good ones in a couple of weeks, I need to finish the front bumper and then I'm done, Penny loves her Mach
  10. Eureka!!!!! I found it, by deducting what I did when wiring the trunk harness I was convinced it was something I did. Midlife you have no idea how much help you've been.... thank you for that. Here is what I found was the problem. Old wires don't look like new as far as determining color, I had two wires crossed in my taillight harness the BU light was tied to the dome light and vice versa the dome was connected to the backup. I mentioned in my first post that I didn't have a working dome light. I should have stayed on that thought but I figured I had two separate issues. Not the case, but in the end it's all good now Thanks Midlife you made me think and helped me rule things out.
  11. MIDLIFE When you asked me about the adjustment on the ignition switch, it got me to think since the trans was out could it be that this is the case and how to you go about this adjustment?
  12. Could it be possible that I have some wires wrong on the solinoid?
  13. Key in or even out in the off position. When I said depress the NSS I mean the switch on the manual trans that the engine bay harness plugs into. It very well could be the ignition switch assembly, the key cylinder is a little sluggish so I will get a new switch assembly and remove the key cylinder and clean it up also and go from there. I can jump across the plug harness and it will put power to the radio with (key) out. Its like I have a back feed issue and tonight I could only get this to happen with the door open when I close the door it kills the power up on the radio. It just keeps bet stranger the more I try to resolve my symptoms. I really appreciate your help and I'm sorry if I haven't explained my symptoms well enough, this electrical stuff really spins me around to where I get totally confused and frustrated. I will win in the end but boy do I hate this kind of stuff. Thanks again
  14. well I went over my wiring and did not find anything wrong that stuck out. I changed my power source to the MSD with the same results (depress the NSS) and power to the radio and after market gauge light I don't believe that I have constant power on because when in reverse and key off and out nothing will work...just when I depress the NSS it energizes the radio and gauge.....could the NSS be bad or even the 4 pin harness be bad? is there a way to check this. and can I bypass the NSS to get the backup lights to come on?
  15. Ok, so I must admit it may have been my creative wiring that is the problem. I have a MSD ignition set up that I got power for from a what I assumed was an ACC WIRE under the hood for the power to the 6A (if I remember it was a white wire not sure though so ill check that) so this may be what my problem is I will look at it again tonight. I have seen no signs of any PO doing any wiring. thanks for the help and I report back on any findings. Joe
  16. ok, I'm stuck after looking through all of the possible threads I cant find a solution to my problem. I plugged in my NSS today on my 73' MANUAL trans. to get my BU lights going and had no luck with them working, here is the odd part... when the NSS is engaged im getting what I believe is a back feed, that is putting power to my radio, which is coming on with the key in the off position? I checked some of the other fuses and they also seem to have constant power with the NSS depressed. Any suggestion? right now I have the NSS harness unplugged with a jumper wire on the engine bay plug to allow the car to start. all other lights work blinkers, side markers, headlights but my dome lights do not which can be totally non related. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  17. Congrats Tim, your work is some of the best that I've seen.......awesome!
  18. Were getting closer to our first car show! here are the pictures from the last couple of weeks. what's left to do you say? Paint the hood, trunk, front bumper and spoiler and put some decals on. Give me two more weeks and I think I will have it pretty much road ready then start working on the little bugs and glitches....
  19. Its Ford Magnetic Metallic J7 PAINT CODE Trans Star paint brand
  20. After much thought and family debate we went with Magnetic metallic gray, The color is fantastic!
  21. Sounds right to me! ::thumb:: Some progress over the last month or so, things are starting to come together
  22. Hello, glad to see your saving another classic, looks like you have a good plan in place. I see your from Weirton. I'm not to far from you (New Martinsville) my wife has family there and originally from Newell, you can check out my build on here PENNYS Q CODE....we hope to have ours done soon. congrats on your project and good luck. Joe
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