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  1. If it's secured with barrel fasteners, dental floss is worth a try.
  2. Your fuel leak is one issue, the idle is another. Your description is a fairly strong indication of a vacuum leak. Since you mention you are using a different carb in lieu of one being rebuilt, it could have a crack in the base plate or be warped enough to create vacuum leak. It might be worth examining.
  3. If the flaps are not working - i.e. rattle noise - there's a good chance the internal diaphragm inside the activators is shot, Which could mean a vacuum leak. Something to keep in mind.
  4. The new guy decided to leave some room for negotiation.....
  5. 'Dum Dum' = 3M Strip Caulk. Essential for any resto project.
  6. They should remain for factory appearance if that's what you are aiming for. Whatever you do, don't try to use them to lift the engine. After the engine has been in operation for awhile (and by now that's many years), the cast iron exhaust manifolds become brittle. If you try to use the brackets as lift points, you are more likely to end up with cracked exhaust manifolds. Usually due to combination of brittle cast iron and studs flexing more than they did when fresh. One of those lessons learned from experience.
  7. EFI systems need certain critical inputs to the ECU and if the system does not have all the information (i.e TPS, 02, timing, etc, etc) it isn't going to cooperate. Period. I've been running EFI since 2006 on my 69 vert and the learning curve transition from carburetor to EFI has been a steep climb for my old school knowledge brain. One of the most important lessons I learned is that out of the box bad components from Holley are rare. Missed & incorrect connections by the installer probably cause 95% of poor or non-running systems. Talking to a Holley Tech will not guarantee the
  8. Taking the radiator in to get it tested (results will determine choice to repair or replace) should be top priority at this point. Since you mentioned you have already observed considerable rust flakes / debris during your flushing there is a pretty good possibility the radiator tubes are restricted / blocked. And yes, you should see a strong flow of coolant moving across the top of the radiator once the T-stat opens. Once you have radiator cleaned / replaced, and coolant is still not flowing, it suggests worn / eroded water pump impeller. That would be the time to replace it.
  9. The ad seems to be basically someone doing as little as possible but expecting the maximum payoff. Bentworker's pic are better than the what appears in the ad.
  10. Glad you are finally resolving the issue. Let us know how you do the setup and fine tuning. Geoff is right about some very nice weather coming into the region for a few days to do some trial drives. As an aside, I just got my 69 vert back together (rear differential rebuild) so will be doing some test runs before prepping everything for seasonal winter hibernation.
  11. All kidding aside, I've been involved with a couple photo shots with my cars featuring models. My first rule has always been "No one sits or perches on the car" and the 2nd, "poses in contact with the car will be talked about prior to contact to prevent scratches". Never had any issues whatsoever since the photographer and models were professionals. A shoot earlier this past summer with my 2019 GT convertible was quite interesting and seeing what the photographer did with the post processing of the shots was amazing. This was a portfolio shoot and the car served as a prop / backgrou
  12. Not only that, but they (or a cousin/friend) who owned one....
  13. Check all EFI plug connections -- in fact, unplug and re-connect all connectors to ensure solid contact. I had an erratic issue with my Holley EFI which turned out to be loose TBS (which I could have sworn was tight). I spent triple digit hours and $$ attempting to diagnose issue before finding slightly loose (not snapped in) connector. Best time to reach Holley Help is Tues - Thurs since bookend days around race weekends jam up their lines on regular basis. Have data logs ready when you are making the call.
  14. These are the wire loom routing clips that typically hold the wire to the valve cover brackets. They come in various sizes. Usually the small ones are what's used.
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