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  1. I can recall this as a common problem. Constantly sliding it closed. Try wedging a folded piece of paper in one of the slots on the underside. There used to be such things as matchbook covers that were used for all sorts of things (like setting points gap on the side of the road) beside striking a match.
  2. Might be worthwhile to check torque on all bolts related to the spindle. Which will mean dismantling everything and reassembling with lock-tight and correct torque settings. I had a similar issue at one time and found hub / spindle bolts (20310 above) loose. Could not find it or see it on while on lift, but driving over bump created a rattle. You have replaced a lot of components - 1. Lower arms , ball joints, sway bar links and bushings , shocks and ball joints. - so you will need to carefully inspect all fasteners related to each and ensure they are secured correctly.
  3. I've used them for over a decade with no issues. You can shape the channel for a tighter fit. My understanding is Jaeger Bros is very good at addressing issues with their products. You might want to contact them directly (as well as NPD if you want to return them)
  4. If you did not loosen and re-align the flex plate with the converter drain plug (you don't say you did), rectify that and eliminate that as a potential source. Don't want to entourage running engine with that noise too often (damage is occurring somewhere) but using section of rubber tubing as stethoscope can narrow down the area the noise is coming from.
  5. My combo in my 69 vert has 302 and AOD. I use Headman shorties and we had to modify the collector sections by angling them out just a few degrees. I cut them and we welded them back at the required angle.
  6. My 73 vert was 99% unmolested when I purchased it (1994). The round external piece on the expansion valve had a red plastic cap that snapped on. It had a piece of insulation material inside the cap. Unfortunately no pics. The plastic cap split from age so I never reinstalled anything over it. The AC worked just fine as long as the refrigerant charge maintained pressure in the system.
  7. A small BB sized ball of 3M strip caulk will do the job at each stud
  8. Summit sells Prothane grommets which you will never have to worry about https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ens-9-8126g?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9_mDBhCGARIsAN3PaFPWGKDQrSwMjuLw91n2fIKZ7eOLdnKOMG7e6Vun0jKYGIrMUs2lHt0aAmgkEALw_wcB
  9. Without VIN, is it really a proven Boss...folks have been know to add decals and paint schemes to duplicate. But if it is the real deal, there is one less remaining in the world. Fire damage alone makes heat stressed body metal pretty worthless.
  10. All turn signals work with full brightness & timing? Lamp bulbs in tail lights and front turn signals are all incandescent? For sake of clarification, did you check both flashers...the turn signal and the emergency 4-way flashers? It's possible the flasher is bad out of the package.....not uncommon these days for these older style replacement units.
  11. I've used dental floss for years to remove emblems held on with pins with barrel nuts. Also can be used to remove the barrel nut - which in the case of refinishing / repainting - should also come out. It's a bit tricky to catch the edge of the flange, but it can be done.
  12. I typically start in the middle and work my way out - alternating right and left - to the ends. Start snug, then torque.
  13. I would recommend Remflex header gaskets http://catalog.remflex.com/category_s/99.htm Best to call them to get best gasket for your setup. I use them with my Hedman shorties on my 302 with the Holley EFI.
  14. I find it so frustrating that so many hobbyists always assume the dash plate HAS to be original to a car. After decades of UV exposure and other abuse, many original dash pads dry out, split, and become something no one wants in the car. Replacing it with something from a junkyard or picked up swap meet or online parts sale was the path of minimal effort for previous owners and shops. Jokerman2k now has a real problem with non-matching title to actual vehicle VIN. I wish him luck on resolving things.
  15. As I watched the car go thru the bidding, I kept thinking "that rear spoiler does not look like it's mounted correctly". Maybe it was the angle the camera was at. I would appreciate someone confirming it's in the right location as shown. $170K has to be high water mark for 71-73 years. Overall it seems buying prices are up across the board with this B-J auction and the recent Mecum. Possibly pent-up $$$ being spent after a year of Covid sequestration?
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