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  1. Thanks guys for the comments. I will give it another go tomorrow. The engine hasn't been running for almost a year now. I bought some starter fluid so perhaps that will help. I sleeved all the wiring to protect them with Techflex... that's why they are blue. I think it looks pretty neat.
  2. Hello everybody, I could use some help again. I connected most of the wiring, installed the starter panel and accessory switch. The engine (351 Cleveland 2V) is turning over when pressing the start button. I've got 12Volts on the coil but my poor engine doesn't want to start. At the moment I'm thinking it could be the vacuum system, it's pretty messy. I don't have the "hose-distributor" on my cooling water pump and the hose on the distributor is disconnected. Also the solenoid dist. vacuum is disconnected. How is it powered by the way??? Could this be the reason of the engine not wanting to start?
  3. Thanks for your replies guys. I don't think it's necessary to have an aditional switch for the coil. You will only toggle the ignition switch if you want to start the engine and switch it off when you want to kill it.
  4. Thanks Paul, I think I already figured it out. :-)
  5. Yeah... That would help but I don't have one. :-) I will try to upload some photos tomorrow.
  6. Hello everybody, It has been some time ago since my last post. I have been very busy with work so unfortunately I couldn't do much to my Mustang. But anyway I'm almost finished installing a new Painless wiring harnes for my 72 Mach 1. I have decided to remove the old ignition key and replace it with a starter panel. It has an ignition switch and a starter button and I bought a separate switch for the accessories. I have five wires to connect: *Ignition switch section #934 to ignition switch power B+ (yellow) *Ignition switch section #932 to ignition switch "ACC" (black/green) *Ignition switch section #931 to ignition switch coil ignition (pink) *Ignition switch section #933 to ignition switch "ign" (black/green) *Ignition switch #919 to starter solenoid (blue/red) 1. So I connected #919 to the started button. 2. Connected #933 to the ignition switch. 3. Connected #932 to the accessories switch. So I'm left with #931 Coil B+ and #934 Ignition switch power B+. I'm pretty sure I have to connect #931 (Coil) to the other side of the ignition switch but what about #934? And do I have to jumper #931 to the accessories switch aswell? I would be very grateful if somebody could help me out. I will upload some photos soon.
  7. Thanks for your replies... Really appreciate it... ::thumb::
  8. Hello... Does anybody know what this vacuum switch is suppose to do??? It doesn't seem to be connected to anything. Kind regards, Mark
  9. Thanks Rocket for your reply. It shouldn't give any problems seeing I'm not installing the original heater box back. I'm installing a very small unit which actually will do a better job. The old heater box I took out was completely messed up and it's three times the size than the one I'm going to fit. Also need to think about the cowl vent. It's such a silly design... surely there must be a better solution.
  10. Here are some photos of installing my new wiring harness for my 1972 Mach 1. It's a pretty big job to do but it' fun. I decided to place the fuse block in the center giving me more room to work away the wiring. For any suggestions be free to comment.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome and I will keep you guys updated...
  12. Hello everybody... I'm Mark from the Netherlands and this is my 1972 mach 1 project. At the moment I'm placing Dynomat and I'm busy cleaning under the dash. I removed the heating unit a couple of days ago which was a complete mess. Does anybody have experience with the universal heaters from JEGS? I also removed the whole wiring harness and bought a Painless 14 circuit wiring harness which I still need to install.
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