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  1. goodnigh


    Welcome from northern California. mike
  2. Welcome from northern California. mike
  3. Second picture between the coil and gear near dead center. The points may be fine, just check them. mike
  4. Sam is not interested in repairing/modifying the clocks. He is a laser guy. He did release the schematic to the public domain. Don't have a picture of the gadget with clock, but not difficult to make. A local electronics club or radio club or even the high school would be no challenge. mike
  5. Takes time to adjust but get used to it, here to stay. Like he said, the old software was outdated, no way to fix. I like it. mike
  6. Don't forget to check the points and file, just like a dizzy, if needed. I was testing a clock one day and smelled smoke, the points stuck together and fried the coils. A friend did an electronic rebuild on my clock so the coils are fired by a capacitor bank, no direct connection to the battery. The schematics and explanation are on here Somewhere. mike
  7. Welcome from northern California. mike
  8. Welcome from northern California. mike
  9. Welcome from nothern California. mike
  10. Buy from Summit all the time, next day delivery for the most part, I live in California. Did not know they had a physical store location. They are headquartered in Akron Ohio, my home town. Summit meaning Summit County Ohio. mike
  11. Got an H-pipe setup from Don of OMS. Based on the exhaust system for a BOSS 351. Sounds like this on a 4V quench Cleveland. mike
  12. First two lines of your message worked fine. Thanks! mike
  13. Is there another name for "clipboard"? Not finding that app. mike
  14. Using a Win7 computer how do you create a screen snapshot? Amazon wants me to email them a picture of the screen I am seeing. mike

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