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  1. I use Valvoline VR-1 10W30 in a newly rebuilt 351C. mike
  2. Had a similar issue. After setting for a couple of weeks the gas would drain out so the car was hard to start. Had the choke connected to solenoid so it was warming as soon as I turned the key. When the gas reached the bowls the choke was already opening making it hard to start. So we connected it to the stator, no problem since. Also put a check valve in line. mike
  3. I use Glass Wax cleaner and polisher. Once came in a pink tin can then disappeared for a time. Reappeared in a plastic bottle made by Gel-Gloss. Clean your windows with Windex then apply this as you would car wax. mike
  4. Welcome from northern California. mike
  5. I can see that, you may be onto something. mike
  6. Just bought a vacuum that is more compact than my old one, also cord free. Can be used on carpet or hardwood, vacuum and soap clean. One feature is the WiFi capability. My question being, why would a vacuum cleaner need internet access? Am I missing something, are they running out of things to do? mike
  7. Got the Pfizer in January. Couple weeks later came down with flu like symptoms for a couple of days. Could have been Covid and the shot helped minimize the symptoms. mike
  8. Got mine from Don of OMS, try him. mike
  9. Welcome from northern California. mike
  10. You have the Mako robot system, good for you. Do a lot of those where I work. mike
  11. Welcome from northern California. mike
  12. My mechanic said he worked on these cars when in high school fresh off the showroom floor and they all had grease fittings. Probably a dealer prep item. mike
  13. So why not install grease fittings in the first place? mike
  14. I stand corrected, forgot to turn the page. What they mean by "remove plugs to lubricate"? mike
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