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  1. Got my set (5) on eBay some time ago. These are the original Ford shop manuals. mike
  2. Make sure the nylon(?) rails are in place. My lid is hard to open and close. mike
  3. Welcome from northern California. mike
  4. Can't hook up with their website, anyone have a similar experience? mike
  5. Neil Peart's car collection headed into the limelight at Gooding... | Hemmings No Mustangs but a good collection.
  6. Plus it is actually useful. Who does not ever need a tire pump that can inflate rafts and air beds on site. Then there is DeWALT.
  7. Welcome from northern California. mike
  8. I work in the operating room (surgery) and only do two things. Either put parts in or take parts out. What line are you in? mike
  9. As I recall you have to heat it a bit. Like they used "#3" compound. mike
  10. Contact Don at www.ohiomustang.com , he has lock sets. mike
  11. Welcome from northern California. mike
  12. Yes, please say "Hi". Be sure to paint the roof before applying the vinyl . mike
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