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  1. I got that maybe seven years ago. Cost me near $500 to have it boxed, properly, and shipped here. The seller treated it like a piece of fine crystal, which it is. mike
  2. I paid $375 US for a left NOS quarter panel. You also need the wheel trim, got that from NPD also NOS. Lucky me! There are shipping issues, it is a large somewhat fragile panel. Anytime you can find NOS parts you need, grab them. mike
  3. Summit Racing is very good about shipping and I don't think I have ever returned anything. Buy from them all the time, basically same day shipping if in stock. mike
  4. Welcome from northern California. mike
  5. Welcome from northern California. mike
  6. Welcome from northern California. mike
  7. Welcome from northern California. mike
  8. Interesting read. So Ford decided what rear end to put in the car. I noticed the M-code vert auto came with a 3.00 if it had air. Who makes those decisions, based on what? If you have an M-code you want to be able to use it. mike
  9. My Marti report reads my rear end is a "standard axle ratio 3.25", 9 on the door plate. This is an M-code w/toploader and comp suspension, I thought all configurations like that came with a 3.50 and Trak-Loc. The Eminger invoice makes no mention of the rear. mike
  10. Welcome from northern California. I "stumbled" across my '71 M-code Grande w/toploader and comp suspension. A friend of a friend had two vehicles and wanted to sell one and I was looking for a vehicle, just something that ran. He wanted to keep his Dodge power wagon so I was stuck with the Mustang. A few years down the road the engine cracked the block with no real way to repair. So along comes Don of OMS with a Cleveland never fired long block and that is what is in the car now. mike
  11. And don't forget the additive. We did and the diff made all sorts of clunking noise in a turn. Something about lubricating the clutch plates. mike
  12. The line printer I remember was a set of spinning wheels lined up to cover a page. Think of a single line of letters/spaces a page wide. The printer would "hit" all the letters at the same time creating a line of text. The page would advance a line and repeat. Again, this was '67 and I don't always remember well that far back. There was a "bang", the page would jump a line and repeat. mike
  13. Happy Thanksgiving. What is on the menu? Let's see: Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, string beans, corn bread w/honey, ice cream and pumpkin pie. Very basic. I remember one year some friends and I made a Julia Child turkey. Six hours to prepare, gone in 20 minutes. One of the key steps was to soak the turkey in cognac first. mike
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