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  1. Welcome from northern California. mike
  2. Welcome from northern Califorina. mike
  3. Welcome from northern California. mike
  4. Got my system from Don of OMS, did self install so aware of crooked extension. mike
  5. Remember doing this years ago. Bought a full console then discovered my Mustang never had one. Once we positioned the console on the carpet we used a trephine to cut a hole in the carpet and a drill guide to position the drill. The problem is to cut a hole through the carpet so it does not get wrapped in the drill bit. I think we used a tool for cutting holes in a cork. It is easy, once you get positioned just remove the carpet behind hole and pop in a screw
  6. Had a similar situation where I was clocked at 62 in a forty zone. The motorcycle cop checked my paper work and told me him and his dad where working on installing a big block in his '69 Camaro. He said he understood my need to jump on it from time to time then said "try not to"and left. mike
  7. The item is in two pieces and not functional, no way to connect the parts. Here are some pics.
  8. My mechanic says this is accurate although mods have been made to the cockpit he remembers. I will get a photo of the real item shortly.
  9. Sorry for delay, will work on that. My mechanic was in the Air Force circa Vietnam and says it is the short version and appears intact and functional. He served as an electronics technician.
  10. Anyone looking for a short version joystick from a F4U Corsair? Not a trick question. mike
  11. Welcome from northern California. mike
  12. Yes, get the Eminger invoice. Only one exists for your car and you need to prove to Marti you own the car. Also, it is signed, at least mine is, by whoever received the car at the dealership with a lead pencil. Impossible to fake that. Dali, the artist, would sign copies of his work with a lead pencil for that reason. This was also printed likely by a line printer because the letters don't line up.
  13. Considering installing rear disc brakes. This would be for a '71 M-code Grande with comp suspension package and toploader. Any suggestions? There are several kits available. mike
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