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  1. My 73 has a gold glow paint code on my marti
  2. That's the thing if that was a mach it would be a $1000 car. Only reason the toploader and engine. Could be saved but needs a lot of hours.
  3. If I weren't so young and saving for a house I would love to buy it. My poor mach though
  4. Link to a boss that came up for sale in my state. Needs a lot of work and needs a good home. I would be willing to go look at it if someone is interested in buying it. http://maine.craigslist.org/cto/4812749895.html
  5. def ask you makes them. I bought some mag 500 from mustang unlimited about 7 years ago and they rusted within two years never been on the street. Found out from them that they were made in china!!!! $1200 down the drain going to be drag wheels some day.
  6. thanks guys. the shipping is killer for moldings for motorcycle covers I do I offer free return shipping on anything over $300 and its worked out great. shipping moldings can be tricky since they will have to go in a tube. I would like to give it a try though.
  7. hey guys, I do metal polishing on the side besides my day job. Most of the stuff i do is for vintage motorcycles at the moment. But i was thinking lately that i could offer you guys the same as well. I'm set up to sand and polish moldings as well as other metals like aluminum. I wanted to hear some of your guys thoughts on if this would be something some of you guys would be interested in. At the moment I wouldn't know a price per piece. thanks ryan ps. if this thread is in the wrong area I'm sorry and the mods can move it if need be.
  8. ok guys Post up your 1/4 or 1/8 mile drag times. doesn't matter if it is a full blown race car or a factory spec. Interested to see the range of times for our cars. Ryan
  9. no biggie. I'm going to go back through it again and recheck everything to make sure its all good to go.
  10. Hey Ryan, Yeah,I"m from Hancock county,I was invited to a mustang rally around Ellsworth,Bar Harbor,Bangor area next summer,Give you a holler when they get ready if you think it may be of interest to you.Got any good sources of local used parts?I"ve heard of a guy in pittsfield that deals in old stangs but havent gone to see him yet. they have a mustang cruise around here every year i think they go to a annual corvette show. Unfortunately my car isn't road worthy at this point in time. As far as parts i haven't found any good sources yet found a couple coupes in the boneyard but in rough shape. I just picked up a 73 fastback parts car for my frame swap if you need anything off it let me know. Maybe sometime when the weather warms up i could come take a look at your stang don't see to many around up here.
  11. Welcome from .............. MAINE oxford area. also have a 73 mach. would be great to meet up sometime let me know, Ryan
  12. you Guys are GREAT!!!! I need to pull the rear end back out to get the belly prepped and painted. thinking of making a big wood cart like Scott did to hold the body still with straps. Should i cross brace the inside i have one floor pan i need to replace as well. Cutting it at the aprons is a great idea never even thought about that on my car. I have the full body shop manual with the demensions as well as bookmarked Scott's write ups. I'm going to take my time with it for sure measure the parts car before i cut it, then measure mine. What tools do you suggest besides the the common ones needed. Spot weld drills exc.. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone so glad this forum came to life so much help. I will try to get some pics up of my car shes a roller at this point. A little back history it was my very first car that i bought when i was 15. I have never driven it at all. I'm now 23 this car got me into this industry and now work full time at a restoration shop also went to school for it. thanks so much for the help Ryan. If anyone needs some parts off my 73 parts car let me know i wont be using most of it.
  13. it has a new cam in it complete rebuild. they had one odd push rod which they had shims to make up for it. wasn't to much shorter but i didnt want to have one odd one in the engine. I did the engine like 6 years ago so my memory on all the details isn't quite there anymore lol.
  14. hey guys Merry Christmas to everyone!!! So my 73 mach has a pretty bad front frame looks like someone put it in a ditch and filled the channel under the a-arms rotting it out. So i debated buy new rails and new engine bay metal because mine are rotted under the fender lips. OR buy a parts car. Well i found a parts car for $1200 a 73 fastback with a perfect frame and engine bay. came with a 302 reman with 5k on it and a c4. all the parts are there with the car as well. So i figured i can use other stuff if i need it. MY question i guess is how hard is swapping out the front end. I was thinking cutting the parts car at the firewall since i will not need it. remove it in a big chunk get it on the floor and remove spot welds at the torque boxes and the engine aprons at the firewall. But my car i have to be surgical with the process. Anyone done this and have pics or a write up i can review. will be starting this in the spring just need to get everything ready. any big issues with fitment between cars lining the complete front clip up? thanks ryan
  15. the engine is together. i did forget to add i installed a high pressure oil pump with a 7 qt flat bottom pan. it has stud style rockers i had to get a custom push rod made since one was shorter than the others. i never replaced them all checked out fine. the engine had been built before me getting it. had pop up pistons and bunch of other goodies. but i needed to go back through it.
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