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  1. Yes I have standard door panels now. The car came with no interior. I am not sure what exactly they are called, I always called it a door panel cap. I can re-paint. But the color of my int is black
  2. I am in search of a passenger and drivers side door panel cap. I recently added new door panels to my 73 and need the top cap for them.
  3. I am downloading that app now! That will come in very handy on a cruise! Thanks
  4. I believe it is the Ethanol in the gas. Ethanol will turn brass green. Not sure about the rest of the tank though. Good Luck with that, I found two gas stations in my town that sell non ethanol gas!
  5. Thanks! I will let you know.quote=Motorcity Mustang;246857] the NY guys fall through, let me know. I have both also in different colors.
  6. Don didn't have one. Anyone else have a rear seat top and bottom for my 73 coupe. Thanks
  7. Do you still have the carpet? If so Coupe/Fastback or Convertible?
  8. I am in need of Both! What do you need upper, lower or both? Don donwitt@ohiomustang.com
  9. I used the bedliner rattle cans under mine as well after replacing the floors. I found the same thing you did, came out great.
  10. Oh I told them! I did some quick bodywork and primer paint job and took it to a Mustang Car show in Lakeland. Told them if they wanted to come check out the car they could see it run and drive. Best $500 car I have ever bought. LOL This is just two months after I bought the car. New Floors, New Gas Tank, New Trunk Floors, New Rear Bumper, bodywork and primer paint job. I felt she deserved to be shown off at a car show since she hadnt seen the road in 18 years.
  11. I am new to the 71-73 mustangs. I have owned tons of other mustangs but this is the first 71-73 I have had the chance to own. I picked up this car from a guy that owned the car for 18 years and never saw it run. Picked it up changed the gas and battery and played with the timing and the 351C fired right up. Cant wait to get it completed resorted.
  12. Looking for a rear back seat for my 1973 Mustang coupe I am restoring. Color doesn't matter to me at this point!
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