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    72 Mach 1, Q code, 351c 4v, Vortech supercharger, Tremec 5 speed.


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  1. It's finally running. I will try to post a video tonight.
  2. Engine has Crane 521 lift cam, 4v heads, port matched to intake, 9:1 compression (boost friendly) flat top pistons, 1.6 scorpion roller rockers, ARP bolts everywhere. Aeromotive pump, regulator, etc. Milodon pan, tray,etc The limiting factor is the cast crank. I can't turn boost up past 12 until I replace it.
  3. It is a 351c, 4 bolt main. I had a Vortech V2 supercharger from another project, so I made brackets and inlet, had a crank pulley machined, had CSU build a carb, etc. It even all fits under the hood. Hope to have car finished by spring. It is pullied for approx 12 psi. Currently.
  4. Hello all. I am new to this site. I have a 72 Mach1, Q code car. I am currently finishing up a blowthru set up for my 351 Cleveland. Thanks.
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