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  1. That's a good idea. I think that I will place the fuel filter at the length of rubber house before the fuel pump underneath the brake cylinder. There's too much hose between the hard line and the carb after the pump, so that's a good place to start. I did take it off the first time that it did this and it gasped. After I filled up and drove home (when it started to do it again) I tried taking it off and it did nothing out of the normal. My carbon cannister is still intact and hooked up everywhere except at the air cleaner, since I have an edelbrock. The fuel pump has good vacuum, it is new along with a new fuel sender. The problem seems to be getting worse for not much of a good reason, but I think you may be onto something with the "under load" thing.
  2. Well, the theory was nice. I did that test last night, and it starved all the way home (about a mile away from the station). When I went to take it to work this very cold morning, and it started to give me issues after a couple minutes. Hesitation and stumble at take off now, and starts to totally lose power right around where it shift into third.
  3. After changing out fuel filters, I thought that I had the problem solved. That is, until I took it for a half hour highway drive. After it started choking, I pulled over and shut it off. I popped the hood and immediately noticed a bubbling sound from my carb. and bubbling in my glass fuel filter (sits against the valve covers). I've never overlooked something so much before. Fuel percolation? I bet, especially given the hard starts after my car has set for about 15 minutes or so.
  4. I had the same exact theory on the fuel filter. I replaced them not all that long ago, but it was a garage buy from an elderly friend of my grandfather. When I drained fuel for the sender, there was crud in it. That will be my first thing to check. I appreciate your timing knowledge, because that was concern #1 :)
  5. It's an electric ignition and an autolite 2100. I do not have a tach, and as far as the rear ration, I do not know. It's a base 351c 2V with a c4, if that helps :thankyouyellow: Smart A** answer................ don't drive it over 80mph, isn't that speeding anyway?? Woah, I wasn't saying that in a smart a** manner, I just legitimately do not known my ratio! But we have free ways here that are 75 mph. Nonetheless, I don't like leaving a problem on the table.
  6. It's an electric ignition and an autolite 2100. I do not have a tach, and as far as the rear ration, I do not know. It's a base 351c 2V with a c4, if that helps :thankyouyellow:
  7. I was on the freeway to work today, and after exceeding about 80 mph, I started to lose power from my engine. If I gave it more gas, it almost seemed as if it was losing more power. I pulled off and into a parking lot where it died. I restarted it and it was fine until I hit about 80 again, I which case I started to lose power once more. I pulled over and restarted it and managed to get to my destination fine, but something good is awry here! I did notice that it seems to be idling a little higher. Any similar experience, ideas, or maybe even solutions? Thank you everyone! ::thumb::
  8. Does any one have experience in switching get a factory 2v with stock heads to fit a 4bbl in their 351c? I want to switch to a 4 barrel but I know that the ports may not match up proper. Which I take manifold did you guys use? Thank you :)
  9. Thank you! And a big thanks to everybody that replied ::thumb::
  10. I couldn't draw vacuum on the fuel line. I was getting pressure at the pump. I decided to pour some gas back through the line and heard it hitting the ground. Long story short, I spent 80 dollars on tools for a dollar in rubber fuel line :) the culprit was a split line underneath the brake cylinder.
  11. So I think that I have the issue tracked down. I bought a vacuum pump *thank you for that recommendation* and found out that I have good vacuum pressure at the pump. I can disconnect the hose at the sender (where it runs into the hard line two piece beginning) and have gasoline dumped on my hands. So, if I'm not crazy, it must be sucking air somewhere along the fuel line. Anybody had experience running new rubber fuel line as opposed to replacing the whole 2-piece?
  12. I didn't replace any of the line from the sender to the pump, though I'm wishing that I would have now. It is undoubtedly the original line. The hard line after the pump is seemingly in good shape with no leaks. The charcoal cannister is hooked up. I took off the gas cap and tried it, potentially thinking that I was not having ventilation. It still gave me nothing.
  13. That is a possibility. It didn't feel forced but I am going to reseat it anyway. Is there a good diagram out there for the fuel line? While I'm at it, I'm going to run new line.
  14. Even though I'm not getting gas at my in-line filter? I'm going to try the vacuum test that Don C suggested as soon as I can find the tools, but I think that there's also I high likelihood that I could also have a split in the line somewhere between the tank and the pump.
  15. The hardliners turns into rubber line for a couple feet before meeting the carb. I disconnected it at my online filter (about 18 inches back from the the carb) and turned the engine over. No fuel dumped out at all. I'm beginning to suspect that my new fuel pump is faulty. I replaced the fuel filter (s) before installing the new pump and sender. A little crud blew out of them, but nothing outstanding. No fuel before them
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