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    71 convertable
    Grabber blue with black Mach 1 stripes.
    532ci engine
    C6 transmission 9 inch rear end.
    Runs on pump gas motor makes 625hp,650 lb.ft. torque at the crank


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  1. RWR

    my 71 vert

    How's that power feel?;) Can be a bit scary. All through 2nd. gear it struggles for traction. I'm running a fairly tall gear at 3.15:1. If you punch it and downshift into 2nd. at 50 or 60 mph it gets loose on you. If you're going say 15 or 20 mph and nail it in drive it just goes 1 2 3 through the gears smoking the tires for as long as you dare to hold the pedal down. I usually back out after a couple hundred feet as it gets fast and starts to go's sideways.
  2. RWR

    my 71 vert

    [/img] 532 big block. Pump gas motor with hydraulic cam, Edelbrock heads ,forged everything. Engine dyno'd at 630h.p. 650 ft.lbs. torque. C6 transmission,9 inch from a 67 fairlane which is 1 inch narrower per side and allows for 15x10 wheels and a 275/60 tire to fit no problem
  3. Does anyone know of a header that doesn't hang so damn low? I am running Crites headers currently but they're too low. Hooker headers I believe are about the same. I'm thinking a shorty style would be a good solution but I'm unable to find anything. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Rick
  4. RWR

    New to site

    Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. Yeah it pretty much blows the tires everywhere.
  5. RWR

    New to site

    Unfortunately the stock hood didn't offer the clearance for the motor.
  6. RWR

    New to site

    I'm a bit of a analog man here. How do you post pics?
  7. RWR

    New to site

    My name is Rick, I live in Socal. I have a 1971 Mustang convertable that has been in the family for 30 years. I have been building it for the last several years and am getting close to completion. The engine is a 532ci bbl. with aluminum, heads forged everything hydraulic cam and 9.5/1 compression so it runs on pump gas. the engine makes 625hp and 650 ft.lbs. of torque. Its Grabber blue with black Mach 1 stripes and Magnum 500 wheels.
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