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  1. accelerating to higher speeds or putting my foot into it makes its back fire/ pop out the tail pipes.
  2. vacuum needle is staying pretty steady at 15 but seems to me should be higher...maybe 20ish? stock distributor with a flame thrower coil. yes have a factory tach. Which flame thrower, the basic 1.5 ohm or II or III? By stock I'm assuming you mean points. 3.0 ohms coil, yes had a pertronic igniter but swapped back to regular point when I put new distributor in...
  3. bought a vacuum gauge today for my 73 351 Cleveland and quite honestly need some guidance. car idles fine but cuts out at higher speeds. new distributer and points, carburetor rebuilt(edelbrock), spark plugs and wires are all new. Any help would be appreciated... tired of scratching my head and hair out.
  4. i have a 73 mustang with a 351c. Nothing fancy about the motor..elderbrok carb,stock distributor with a pertronic igniter.newer heads ,new plugs wires. while idling I can rev it up and it sounds good but when I drive it down the road it wants to back fire and cut out some. how about a list of things to check? Seems ive checked most but maybe im missing something that's obvious but my brain is failing to remember....been awhile since tearing into a ford. thanks in advance!
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