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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u88ocle4jiek09b/20160124_155349.jpg?dl=0 new pic, quarter panel replaced
  2. The owner of the shop is rough but that makes him very on point, the show doesn't have the drama that other reality car shows offer but at least it shows the enthusiasm of them guys and their hard good work that we appreciate, he didn't agree on the Cobra modding but is about making the owner happy, they rebuilt a 70 Mach 1 white with the 351 Cleveland, they said to be one of their favorite engines.
  3. This is a video from two weeks ago when i put the engine in, Now i butched the quarter panel
  4. This one i'm not letting go, it will stay with me forever, I dream with this cars, forgot to mention that interior is complete, in very good shape, it had brand new transmission with Hurst shifter and rear end reconstructed modded too, just body work/paint and ready for Las Vegas roads.
  5. Thanks, is great to know that some other people love this generation of ponies, it is originally grabber blue but the previous owner decided to fully back it out, I love to keep them original but I dream of a white Mach 1 so i'll commit that sin, more pics coming on my days off, mon tues.
  6. Hi there, just got my baby last month, very rough, blown piston, blown head, big crash on driver's side quarter panel, not salvageable, so far I rebuilt the engine, cut the quarter panel an installed rear metal parts, I got a salvaged quarter panel for it, working on cutting it right, I am mediocre at this but I have made them street worthy for my friends before, my turn now.
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