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    Just got my 72 grande three day ago. It belonged to a friend that passed away earlier this year. The plan is to build the car the way he would have. He was a big fan of building sleepers. With that in mind, I am planning on installing a 72 429/220hp out of an LTD that I have had for a very long time looking for the right thing to put it in. I know he would have loved it.


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  1. If the flywheel turns slightly, why not try rocking the engine back and forth by the bolt in the front of the engine with the plugs out? Any good penetrating fluid will help,[my personal favorite is GIBBS]and at least give some cylinder lubrication. I have used the fuel oil/kerosene mix before with mixed results. A slant 6 responded real well, but a Chevy 350 didn't. I have had a Ford trans sieze before, leaving everyone to believe the engine had seized. when we separated them, the engine suddenly would turn over. We blocked it up, put power to it, and it fired right up. Go figure!
  2. no point wasting time with oil because your engine needs to come apart if the prob is not in the trans. flip a coin and remove either the heads or timing cover first and if you dont see a prob, do the other one, and if still no problem, yank the engine and rebuild it. If I suspected a trans problem, I would pull the torque converter bolts first. It's the easiest thing to do, takes the least time,and if the engine has to come out will be one thing you won't have to do. I have run into a Ford trans that siezed before. Everyone told the guy he needed a new engine. We pulled engine & trans together and when we separated them, the engine suddenly was free. If the engine is partially stuck, the very best thing I ever found to free them up is a product called GIBBS. If you suspect a valve problem, pull the carb and pour it right down the manifold. If you think it might be the rings, pull the plugs and shoot some in. Give it a couple days and it will usually free up nearly anything. It's a bit pricey, but well worth having. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  3. I'm looking for a passenger side door glass for a coupe. any chance you have one?
  4. Hi, everyone! I am new to the site and new to owning a Mustang. I am not new to building cars, but I really didn't expect to take on one now at my age [63]. However, a good friend of mine had plans to do this car for years, but left this mortal coil before getting to it. After several months of negotiation [and a lot of pestering from my grandson], I finally bought the 72 Grande from the estate. The plan is to build a tribute to our friend the way he would have. He was very prone to building sleepers, including an 82 Olds Cutlass with a maxed out 454. With that in mind, I just happen to have a 429 out of a 72 LTD that I have hung onto for many years looking for the right car. I'm sure my friend would approve. As soon as I can, I will post some photos and hope to hear from some of you soon. Thanks for any input.
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