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    1995 firebird rebuilt motor 5 spd dail driver
    1987 grand wagoneer plow truck
    1987 mustang lx 5.0 work custom engine bay and paint
    1972 mach 1 project


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  1. hey rich i replied to your email just making sure you got it thanks
  2. hi rich please send me an email AT ruskiem44@gmail.com i have had problems with my inbox ever since site update thanks - alex
  3. Heavy plates stamped 428L and 428r asking 225 shipped
  4. Nice set of mounts also have the lower plates for the sub frame. Asking 175 plus ship for all 4 pieces.
  5. Rob please email me at ruskiem44@gmail.com. My inbox on here is full. Thanks
  6. I would say normal for it's age. My zbar has the same wear I simply put a bronze bushing in the hole in mine . 50 cent part at ace hardware and it's been fine for 5 years I can gladly send you more photos if interested. Thanks
  7. I'm revisiting this topic. I have decided based on my needs and the idea of extra storage for another project I'm going to install a four post lift. I've pretty much narrowed it down to atlas. Challenger. Forward brands. All are etl Ali certified. Has anyone had personal experience with these brands and compare their structure to other brands out there ? I know bendpak seems popular but it seems lately like they have some issues. I would be adding trolley jacks down the line as well. Thanks
  8. Up for sale is a set of four speed pedals with pedal trim and disc brake pad. Asking 350 obo plus ship for pedals. Also have a factory zbar and engine side mount. And pushrod for 200. Please email me at ruskiem44@gmail.com for more info. Thanks
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