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  1. I replaced the points and condensor with a petronix electronic ignition and now the car is running at a high idle. Anybody has any ideas to how I can adjust or what is going on? Thanks
  2. Thank you, I attached the ground wire, running better but a little rough when idling
  3. I changed the gap and its running better but still not smooth. Any videos out there on setting timing? I feel that may be the reason for the car idle.
  4. When you say the resistor wire is that the one that goes to the positive side of the coil? Also I did set the gap using the included plastic gap piece that came in the box. Should I change it?
  5. Need some help, I installed a Petronix 1281 electronic ignition on my 73 Mustang 302 and now its running real rough. I tried adjusting timing but still not running smooth. Thinking about changing back to my points, any ideas? One more thing I didnt replace the coil would that mess with the idle?
  6. I am looking for a power steering fluid cooler D1AA-3D746-ab. Anybody out there have one in nice shape. Also looking for Bolts to mount my A/C compressor to the bracket. Thanks
  7. Still available great condition if anyone is interested came out of my 73
  8. Still Available if interested, Will make a nice deal
  9. Does anybody have an extra 73 Mustang Passenger side Rear Bumper Bracket they want to part with? The 71 and 72 brackets dont fit. In 73 they came out with a new bracket for a 5 mph collision safety measure. Thanks
  10. Console in Nice shape no tears, Everything on it is in good condition Medium Blue. Make me an offer!!!
  11. http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/pts/5914460411.html
  12. http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/pts/5914460411.html
  13. I am trying to set the points on my 73 Mustang, does anyone have any recommendations on how to set them. Having some issues getting the car to start, any videos on youtube or any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Anybody still interested? I still have it for sale.
  15. Does anyone know which brand of high temp blue paint I should buy for my valve covers. Also what color ford blue should I buy for a 73 Mustang and type of high temp primer? Thanks Josh
  16. looks like a 135.00 for fed ex ground, if you want to see if you can get cheaper let me know my zip is 89134
  17. Yes I will ship to Ohio 50.00 for the lid plus shipping
  18. Im placing on my 73 Mustang a rear Trunk Spoiler. I see some diagrams for fastbacks but does anyone have the measurements for a convertible. This convertible has never had a spoiler so I am drilling holes in the trunk for the first time and want the proper measurements. Thanks
  19. Make me an offer, Hard Top or Convertible Small Ding above script, a little surface rust on the lip not major, Nice condition, need to clear out the garage
  20. 73 Mustang Trunk Lid Original , Small ding above the logo some surface rust but it very good condition for your convertible or hardtop. Make me an offer and pay the shipping need to clear out the garage
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