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  1. I'm a little uncomfortable with the high temperatures I register when taking the temperature with a IR thermometer on my 351 Cleveland. After 10 minutes drive at 50 - 60 miles/h I stop. Thermostat housing is 210 F, lower hose fitting 160 F, heater hoses around 130 - 140 F. I don't loose any coolant. It seems that the water pump is functioning, otherwise I would have much higher readings and more uneven readings, IMHO. What is your comment to this, perhaps it's normal? Have to ad that the engine is slightly souped up, and have headers. I looked at the FSM but there is nowhere they talk about purging air from the block, as I thought there might be air pockets.
  2. 351 Cleveland, several posts talk about a brass restrictor in connection with the thermostat. Is it necessary, and what is its function, and where do you get one?, if necessary.
  3. I've a mildly modified 351 C 4V with a Holley 4 bbl. At 1500 rpm I got a CO reading of 2,7. Do you consider this too lean, rich or correct? When I say 2,7 i mean 2,7 %, hope this will make it a little easier to understan what I tried to say.
  4. My 351 C has been torn down and rebuilt with quality parts. Break in was done on a dyno and I've only 10 miles since then, never going above 3000 rpm, had some starting issues in the begining. Now to my question, should the heads be retorqued? If yes, when? and how much. Should I first loosen them and then retorque?
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