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  1. Alright, after one day here's where I'm at: Don, I tried my best to put my money where I felt it would be best spent and sprung for a NAPA Echlin electronic unit. The ones in the mustang parts catalogs sure look cool, but I have about zero confidence in how well they're built or where they're from. Echlin has done me well in the past, and around here it's either them or DuraLaugh. I inspected the wiring and repaired what I could; the previous owner(s) did a terribly shoddy job down there. Looking through diagrams, and posts around here... I'm slowly starting to realize that this is turning into a wiring problem. Hoo. Firstly, the wiring diagram I have states that there should be a junction block attached to the "A" terminal. That is no longer there, and instead the yellow wire goes straight to the starter solenoid. If this block controls anything, or if anyone has a picture of what it is, I'd find that very helpful. Secondly, and curiously, my "I" terminal has a green and red wire going into the harness somewhere. I was under the impression that if you had a factory ammeter, this wire should be absent. I've also read somewhere that the black and white wire coming out of my (70 amp) alternator and going into the regulator plug should be absent as well, but that was some time back and I could be more than wrong. I appreciate all the help given from everyone this far; I know we're gonna get this thing fixed. Regards, Tyler
  2. I was worried about that one, Don. So much so that, when I initially found this problem a day or two ago, I went out and replaced the cheap no-name regulator the previous owner had "installed". The wiring up to the plug thing it attaches to was and is just as bad, so tomorrow I'll go and work through that to see if there's any issues. In the meantime, do/does you/anyone think this could possibly be an alternator problem showing itself? Tyler
  3. Hey all, good to be back - I looked thoroughly through this form and the internet, but was unable to find anything relevant. Apologies if it's somewhere on here and I missed it. Earlier this month I finally bit the bullet and sent in my ammeter to have Rocketman give it the works. The gauge comes back, and I use the original plugs re-wired to the acc. stud on the fuse block (and a ground screw) to hook it in. With the car off and the key turned to power, the gauge reads fine. However, starting the car up and getting it to idle, the needle flies from side to side in a sporadic manner. With some sort of load applied (headlights on works most effectively), the needle steadies out fine. Thinking about it, I realize that adding some resistance in-line might fix the problem, but I'm not 100% sure. I figured I'd add a small incandescent bulb either in-line with the positive or negative wire. I'm hoping it isn't the gauge (why would it be?), and I'm hoping it isn't my alternator either - though if it is... maybe a blessing in disguise. If any one has experienced this before, or knows what I'm doing wrong, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. All the best, Tyler
  4. Hey all - I just have a few questions about my engine, I'd like to possibly link them to a few problems I'm having The first is this little black box, attached to my voltage regulator I'm not sure what it's for or if it even works. The second problem is this set of four vacuum lines I'd like to know what each one does. The previous owner hooked the first and third together, and I feel like that's not where they need to be. As always, thank you so much for your help. Cheers' ~Tyler Love is all you need
  5. Hey all - So I just bought a trunk mat for my fastback, which looks like this Notice the square hole on the right for the spare tire hook. My trunk, however, looks like this With the spare tire hook up at the front. Most things don't line up, besides the filler tube and rear bumper supports. Is this the wrong mat, for a coupe possibly, or is my trunk just wrong? Thanks for the help! ~Tyler Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hey guys - So I decided to tear the seats out of my '73 today, and I found these two plugs under the passenger side. I figured that they were some part of the seat warning/buzzer system, however, neither connected to the plug in the seat belt, which was also disconnected. I've heard (and read in the owners manual) about a type of weight sensor, but I've not been able to find any other details on it. So I'd like to know: what do these two connect to, and also, where do I hook up the seat belt warning switch? I should probably also mention that the seat has no wires on it anywhere at all. Thanks! ~Tyler Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Would that be something I would have to re-drill, or is there already a hole there? Thanks Don!
  8. You need those parts an maybe others: I will get the woodgrain inserts, and the door handle latches are already in. I just want to know if they need to be moved anywhere different to accommodate the deluxe door panel
  9. Hey all - I recently bought a 1973 mustang mach 1. It came installed with the standard three button door panel. I want to change it out for the deluxe woodgrain panels, but I'm not sure if I have to modify any clips/handles/locations of anything, etc. I want to know If I can simply put the new panel on and everything will line back up, or if I need to change anything. Thanks for your input! ~Tyler
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