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  1. Apparently, lipstick did the trick :D When you actually could see where you were at, it was soo much easier. Took about an hour to get it perfect. So its going back in the car tonight, after cleaning out the axle of metal debris. And tomorrow the car will probably be picked up by a buyer, money is tight right now and i need a cheaper cruiser. And also i have to replace the engine in one of my daily drivers. I really cant thank everyone enough for all the help ive gotten on this forum, by far the friendliest, most helpful forum ive ever been too. I will probably stil
  2. These are new gears. I cant seem to find any marking compound, thats the problem. This is some DIY compound that i did following a guide online, but its rubbish. Is there anything else that would work sort of good? Better than this at least?
  3. Man this is killing me, i have fiddled around for almost two hours now and im still not there. The hard part is getting within the backlash specs in all 4 corners :shootself: Also the gear marking compound i got sucks... Im here right now (attached) What do you think? More shims to the pinion housing?
  4. Apparently i had the dial type torque wrench at work, so that sorted out good. Thanks guys, i have everything i neef!
  5. Hello again, thread number 2. I have a 750cfm edelbrock on my cleveland right now, and it works beautifully except for when you are flooring it from idle, it gives too much fuel and sort of bogs. This problem only occurs from idle, if im at say 1500rpm and floor it, it just goes. I have tried fiddling with the air/fuel mix screws as well as put the accelerator pump linkage in the "leanest hole" with no result. You guys have any tips? Would jetting it down a bit sort this out or is this problem not related to the jetting at all?
  6. Hi guys! As some of you know, last week my 9" rear end grenaded on me, so im going to set up my other third member now. The pinion i have set up already with a solid sleeve and shims. I found a guy in town who could do the rest of the job for about 240 dollars. :huh: So i went and bought a dial indicator and some marking grease instead, int cant be that hard right? I also made a tool for the adjuster nuts. So, if someone could be nice enough to guide me through this process. Backlash, is that the amount of movement the ring gear has before engaging the pinion or what?
  7. Yeah probably, also this was the used axle i bought that i did not know anything about. It looked good though so i just cleaned it up, put it in and poured some fresh oil in there. Has run good up until now when it just went out with a bang, literally. Now this one is barely even good for welding, the broken spider gears have almost eaten trough the "case". I will weld it up though, never know when you need it :whistling: lollerz But now im on the hunt for the right tools to set up the third member that initially was in the car. I got hold of the dial indicator torque wrench and i ha
  8. It still runs a bit rich in the lower rpm range though, i need to get a calibration kit for the carb. If it idles for a long time it dies and is a bit hard to start. Also if flooring it from standstill and low rpm it bogs bad. Over 2000 rpm its no problem though. And on the way home from work yesterday the rear axle decided that it wanted no part in this car no more :P
  9. Okay so here is the real issue, with the edelbrock first of all. The floats were obviously set way too high, causing flooding. Then the hose to the pcv valve had gone so soft, so when you put it in the valve cover it was sucked together in one piece of the hose, causing the pcv to be inoperatable. With the holley, it has to have some major vacuum leak in the throttle linkage or something, anyhow it has about half the suction in the pcv valve as the edelbrock, it seems to have been low enough to not suck the hose together. So now i have set the floats on the edelbrock and replaced the
  10. Okay so i fired it up with the holley, NO misfires at all, and best of all: NO CRANKCASE PRESSURE!!!!!! Whats sad is something is up with this holley, it wont idle and sometimes if you rev it up it gets stuck att 3000 rpm even though the accelerator bracket goes back into resting position. But hopefully the edelbrock will work now that its adjusted properly!
  11. I am almost 100% sure it was just fuel, the plug was not black or anything just very very wet and smelled of gasoline. Yesterday i swapped out the edelbrock for my Holley 650, wich i dissasembled and cleaned more thorougly this time. Did not have time to start it though because it was so late, and my wife does not appreciate my dual 3" sidepipes when she is sleeping. With the edelbrock on the table i took that apart again for cleaning and inspection. Turns out the float levels are way off, in the top position the instruction says that it should be 7/16 (11.5 ish mm) inches from the c
  12. Could this be "ring wash"? A friend of mine from work has a 1961 Volvo 544 and he had similar issues just a couple of days ago, his carb drenched the engine in fuel, he got a lot of crankcase pressure. Replaced the carb with another unit and all problems were gone.
  13. Yes they are the standard umbrella type seals. I pulled some plugs today, sadly i just got three of them out before my kid woke up and i had to go inside the house. But the three i removed were soaked in fuel.
  14. It also puffs from the dipstick tube if i remove the stick. Could the blow by from valve stems really be so great that it causes pressure down in the crankcase to blow up the tube? It could be. Did you give a close inspection of the valve seals on the new/used heads you picked up? Would have been something I prob would have replaced on them prior to install as it isn't a tough job and not expensive for parts. Also is your PCV system operating properly? Correct PCV valve? Hooked up correctly? From what you are describing you may have a few issues going on. Oh i forgot
  15. It also puffs from the dipstick tube if i remove the stick. Could the blow by from valve stems really be so great that it causes pressure down in the crankcase to blow up the tube?
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