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  1. Awesome, thanks! I'll have to get a couple sets once the 67' is put back together
  2. Have you tried them on the 7173? I know when I did the swap to my 67 a few years back with a set of 72's I couldn't get any aftermarket pad to work as none of them had the required pin holes. It was all I could do to get a standard set that would work!
  3. So sorry to hear this Ponysnake :( I don't know what you are looking at getting for the vert' , with just buying a house I doubt I'd be able to swing much, but might be interested...
  4. What do you plan on using it for? If you use an impact wrench, I would highly suggest the 1/2 inch. Mine felt like a totally new beast from changing from 3/8 to 3/4 and can imagine that it would still be very noticeable between 3/8 and 1/2
  5. Nice! Always great to see fellow ST's out there, I have a FiST and will be flying out there August 1-2, can't wait!
  6. Looks great! When I finally get to the point of needing to replace the front end components, I'd buy a set!
  7. Would it be possible to re-post the link? It doesn't appear to work as the URL is cut off :/
  8. I used Firestone when I bought my 67' 6 years ago. Guy was real nice and very informative. Walked me through choices and what he would recommend depending on certain things. Always good customer service when going there.
  9. I'm not sure if you can have it shipped over there, but this is what I like using: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/waxing-and-glazing/adam-s-h2o-guard-gloss.html Not only does it make drying the car easier, but it adds a small layer of wax that always leaves the car feeling smooth and slick. I've tried Turtle Wax's wax as you dry and it doesn't come anywhere near what the Guard n' Gloss can do.
  10. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Elite Kit from AutoGeek. I would NOT suggest it, it's overpriced, the applicators don't work that well, and the glass protection failed in under a week. The main paint coating is alright. I recently bought a coating from AmmoNYC and their skin sealant I will be applying, comes out cheaper and should work better Sounds good Nick, What product did you end up going for? Greg.:)
  11. I put a ceramic coating on my daily driver (2016 Fiesta ST) and I love it. Most of the dirt just washes right off, it is MUCH easier to wash, when it rains is washes most of the dirt right off!
  12. Good lord, that's worse than what mines in and I paid over half that!
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