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  1. So to get this straight, someone else is working on your car, and without consulting them you hoped in and decided to take it for a drive. Maybe talk with them and see what they did?
  2. I love the "all the body work is done and ready for paint", yeah sure looks ready for paint! Looks like the cowl will need replaced, nice rusty water stains on the front mats, and where is the rear valance?
  3. Sweet ride! You can get away without them, but it would be better to put them on now if anything as a pre-caution
  4. What model? If it is a vert, you should get them asap, though in my opinion you should get them regardless, they really help stiffen the chassis
  5. I will say (since I live near Orlando so I peruse craigslist quite often...) that it has been posted quite a few times in the past 3 or so months, may just need to keep trying!
  6. For the sequential light setup, why not just grab one for an earlier Mustang, I have a 67 along with the 73 and bought a sequential setup that works great. I know there are quite a few offerings out there, a few with separate boards even that should work
  7. Whether he knows what it is or not, he should be able to supply you the VIN so you can look it up, make sure its not stolen, etc
  8. I wouldn't go further without the VIN, seems suspicious that he won't give it up, also make sure he has the title. Could be a good project, I paid 1500 for a completely rusted out 73 vert with 351 and fmx. Should be a good project eventually....
  9. Got my hopes up until I read, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO WALK AROUND THE YARD Lived in Tampa and then West Palm for years - FL junk yards suck. The soil or should I say sand is so salty that even relatively "new" old cars will be rotted all the way to side mirrors. I have seen formerly neat cars that literally had turned to powder. Even in central FL there is not much as far as a hidden jem yard. FL junk yards suck. - Fire Ants. Fl junk yards suck. - Palmetto Bugs - Big ass flying cockroaches. Did I say they suck? - pygmy rattle snakes Near water? Gators Every native plant in FL has thorns. Most FL bugs sting or bite or both - no - all FL bugs sting or bite or both Summer - 97 deg 104% humidity Winter - very nice - last 2 weeks then back to 97 deg 104% humidity The secret is to drive the older neighborhoods and look for cars under carports and beside small houses. Speaking Spanish will help. Every one has a gun but most everyone is OK plus they assume you have a gun - all is equal. Retired in MO now and am amazed at the little out of the way yards that still have collectible parts and pieces in them. but................... Ok - here you go http://www.oldgoldcars.com/ it is north central in Old Town. here are pics - http://www.killbillet.com/showthread.php?22827-Junkyard-Crawl Not cheap but fun! (notice the rust?) They may be out of business by now. - Paul of MO
  10. I'll have to get some and give it a shot, I know after a couple years the white lithium tends to cake and harden, hopefully the Red "N" Tacky #2 is better::thumb::
  11. Just a heads up, according to the listing it is from Warrenville, Illinois, United States
  12. I know on my 67' with an 8" rear end, there is not way to get a socket wrench or torque wrench on them, only a regular wrench
  13. I'd like to know as well, just bought a 73 and am trying to piece everything out
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