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  1. Got my hopes up until I read, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO WALK AROUND THE YARD

    So does anybody know of any hidden jem junkyards in the sunshine state? Just moved here and not familiar with the area. Not looking for one of those "Pull-A-Part" junkyards. Looking for those old car graveyards that only the locals know! Something fun to explore and maybe find some cool parts. Thanks ladies and gentlemen!


    Lived in Tampa and then West Palm for years - FL junk yards suck. The soil or should I say sand is so salty that even relatively "new" old cars will be rotted all the way to side mirrors. I have seen formerly neat cars that literally had turned to powder. Even in central FL there is not much as far as a hidden jem yard.


    FL junk yards suck. - Fire Ants.


    Fl junk yards suck. - Palmetto Bugs - Big ass flying cockroaches.


    Did I say they suck? - pygmy rattle snakes


    Near water? Gators


    Every native plant in FL has thorns.


    Most FL bugs sting or bite or both - no - all FL bugs sting or bite or both


    Summer - 97 deg 104% humidity


    Winter - very nice - last 2 weeks then back to 97 deg 104% humidity


    The secret is to drive the older neighborhoods and look for cars under carports and beside small houses. Speaking Spanish will help. Every one has a gun but most everyone is OK plus they assume you have a gun - all is equal.


    Retired in MO now and am amazed at the little out of the way yards that still have collectible parts and pieces in them.




    Ok - here you go http://www.oldgoldcars.com/ it is north central in Old Town.


    here are pics - http://www.killbillet.com/showthread.php?22827-Junkyard-Crawl


    Not cheap but fun!


    (notice the rust?)


    They may be out of business by now.


    - Paul of MO

  2. I'll have to get some and give it a shot, I know after a couple years the white lithium tends to cake and harden, hopefully the Red "N" Tacky #2 is better::thumb::

    I have been using one of the newer types of grease instead of the white grease. It has been working great for several years on some cars I have. It is made by Lucas Oil Products, Inc. called Red "N" Tacky #2. It has an anti-seize added to it. I have used this on manual windows, power windows, wiper motor gear boxes, door latches, steering column tilt, shifter, parking brake anything that needs a little lube. There is no need to put gobs of it on nothing there to move it into the contact points it will just gather dirt.

    On the silicone I would never put anything with silicone on a car. If you ever go to paint it silicone is your biggest enemy and very small PPM will cause fish eyes in the paint. Most of the interior dressings like Armor-all have it and should not be used. Automotive assembly plants have bans on any silicone based lubes or sealers.


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