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  1. The fronts are 4.5" and the rears are 5.25". Both have a 1mm offset. These are one piece wheels and can't be custom sized per US Mags so these are right off the shelf. Not bad for non custom.
  2. I'll have to check but it might just clear it if i were to hit a hard bump or something.
  3. Yes I know the front tire is facing the wrong way.....
  4. Actually just did a test fit. I REALLY like the way they look. I'm just hoping that after the hood, fluids and anything else I might need it will pull the front down just a little more. The only thing in the car is the motor and trans. Springs are eaton factory with 1" drop. Problem is I spec'ed them with AC and have since removed the AC. I did add a steel bellhousing though. Rear has 4.5 mid eye TCP leafsprings, caltracs bars and bilstein sport shocks on all corners . The gas tank has zero gas and there is no interior so I'll see where it all settles out. Either way these are US Mags 18x8 with Nitto's 555's 245-45's and 18x9.5 with Nitto RII's 285-40's. I feel the rear comes right out as far as I like. Only question now is do I powder coat the center caps black. I have both front and rear Wilwood brakes with red calipers to install so once she's all together it should look really sharp.
  5. I wish. Although his jaw was dragging on my driveway the entire walk up.
  6. Nice, yeah my weekends are always pretty busy. The main reason why my Mach 1 isn't running yet. This is strictly a side thing for me on the weekends.
  7. I've done a lot of different cars and SUV's but sometimes they just really pop. This Bullitt came out too nice not to share.
  8. Hi, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to put it through its paces yet. Was able to get moving with the car over the winter but during the summer my weekends are very busy to where I don't get to work on the car, Still hoping to be running before summer is out. I recall just needing to shave some of the assembly down for smooth travel. The pedal would rub against the main pedal bracket assembly. Everything else including the TB seems solid. I was told by Malwood that with everything set properly that you could put the clutch to the floor without the fear of ever extending the TB. No need for any kind of stops under the pedal. I spoke to the guy from Malwood about the mods I had to make and he mentioned about making that adjustment on his end. What I can say with my experience with this company is that I was always able to get a hold of someone. They answered my calls on a Sunday while I was doing my install. Good customer service goes a long way with me. Sorry I can't give anymore than that. Hope to find out soon myself.
  9. Did it come with the trim piece to hide the wires going into the headliner trim? If not what did you use? Thanks

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