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  1. These things are pretty sensitive. Depending what you set your center frequency for you can read anywhere from 9khz all the way up to 40Ghz! Essentially you could put a paper clip on the input and it acts like an antenna so like I said Depending on what you set the center frequency for you'll see everything in the air in that band.
  2. I don't have that information. I work with spectrum analyzers. Would be awesome if I could use one and see how much interference is generated. Although I'm guessing this is more of a voltage thing vs frequency.
  3. Yes. Most of the issue stem from things being too close to the coil. I've mounted the sniper coil away from everything. I also have braided EMI shielding to put over the wires. Just a matter of cutting sleeving and re-sleeve. Good solid grounds are important.
  4. The only thing I'm using relays for are my Fans and the one Fabrice mentioned that's already in my harness for the pump. Everything else is fused going to the battery.
  5. And yes the pink wire. I have 3 total though. Distributor, CD box and Sniper.
  6. Need to tie my Sniper, cd box and distributor to a 12v key ignition. Where is the best place inside the car to tie into? I spoke to the guys at Holley and they said it's pretty low current. Maybe 2 amps max. So whats a good spot to tie into? Thanks
  7. Trying to sell all of this at once if I can. Everything works. I'm using the factory housing for my dakota digital stuff. Unfortunately I can't find the sockets for the LEDs. Selling Everything here for 450.
  8. Anyone know what this is for coming out of the fire wall? Look like its brown with yellow dots.
  9. Ok cool. So I can disregard the regulated spark switch. I find it interesting that the connector used for that sensor is exactly like the new reverse lights. Ill just cut the old reverse connector and splice into the new. Now, I'll have to find out unless someone here already knows? Will the TKO 600 function properly without the neutral safety switch connected?
  10. My car originally came with a 4 speed. I since changed over to the TKO 600 and I'm currently in the middle of wiring up my Holley Super Sniper. I know the TKO 600 has the NSS on the tailshaft, reverse lights on the driver's side and the mechanical speedometer port. I noticed my toploader has a 2 pin connector with the exact plug that resembles the reverse lights on the TKO 600. Thing is I believe the reverse lights on the toploader setup was an actual switch that would be engaged by the stick to activate the reverse lights. That connector has a two pin but its two blade style with one go
  11. Ram air, center console, shifter, zbar, clutch pedal and steering wheel are gone. Left to sell is 4 speed toploader with bell housing and clutch fork, center bezel with 3 gauges, Speedometer, Tach and fuel gauge.
  12. Steering wheel is gone. Still have Bezel with gauges, tach, speedo and fuel gauges.
  13. Just the box or do you want the bell, x-member, hurst shifter, zbar and clutch pedal. Not sure what shipping would cost?
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